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    4" Pvc Pipe, 3" Netcups, What Size Hole Saw?

    Hi, I am setting up a system using 4" pvc pipe and 3" net cups. I have a 2 7/8" (73MM) hole saw, on a flat surface it works perfect(cuts nice flush hole) but on the convex surface of the pvc pipe it makes a hole that is too large and the net cup wobbles around. More than likely will have to...
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    Best Tree System?

    Hi farm, just wondering what is the best system for growing trees out the box, still the under current? I browsed the threads, saw some other things, wasn't sure what the general consensus was these days? Got a favorite DIY thread to share(yours or someone else's), still debating a build out or...
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    Hello, I'd Like To Grow Some Good Pot And Bs With Some Growers!

    Hi farm! I have been a member for a while, took some time off from posting. Want to really refine my skills this year, been doing the same thing over and over and haven't really been evolving or improving the last few years. Going to be spending a lot of time on here, so thought an intro...
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    Paging Lost

    Where is that cat? ... lol anyone talk to him of late?
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    Screw you Oklahoma Senate~ Possible life sentences for making hash, WTF!

    I dunno if someone already posted this, but im in shock. The Oklahoma Senate Wednesday passed a bill that would mandate a sentence of up to life in prison for making hashish out of marijuana. The House has already approved the measure, but it must go back to the lower chamber for a final...
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    *Spiders on Drugs* If you havn't seen this video, its a must watch funny.

    An oldie from overgrow :)
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    Today I received some spider mites, any advice?

    Today i came across some purple kush clones(sadly infested with spider mites). Normally I would pass on cuttings in this situation but I just couldn't this time around. I have never dealt with spider mites in an indoor situation, (outdoors on my non cannabis plants I have used Dices spray...
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    :mad0229: Dude im fucking way tired of you stupid little private messages bagging on me... You come up in my thread and tell me to remove Heaths member out my mouth and apparently the mods don't give a fuck, so ill be straight up with you .why don't you try pulling dans cock out your mouth...
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    New Mexico Medical Marijuana Program In Danger. A New Mexico lawmaker has introduced legislation to repeal the state’s four-year-old medical marijuana law. House Bill 593, introduced by Santa Fe Republican James Smith, aims to completely repeal New Mexico’s existing medical...
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    House Bill 593 The Repeal of New Mexico Medical Marijuana Laws

    Representative James E. Smith (R-Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe) introduced House Bill 593 last night - The Repeal of New Mexico Medical Marijuana Laws. FTW, whats with all these damn republicans f*$# shit up for everyone.
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    New Black Pro Series Under Currents.

    I believe they are 35 gallon containers
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    "Hello, 911? Is the grow in the basement illegal?" The Darwin Growers Award!

    "Hello, 911? Is the grow in my basement illegal?" The Darwin Growers Award! Student calls 911 to ask how much trouble he could get in for growing marijuana... and triggers his...
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    House panel endorses repeal of medical marijuana law Shitty mcshittsters HELENA — The House Human Services Committee voted 10-5 Friday to repeal Montana's 2004 voter-passed bill legalizing the use of medical marijuana. All of the...
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    1hp water chiller for $695.00, Deal only last until the end of the Month!

    Well I am not sure if this is against the rules(if it is please delete the thread), if the thread is ok, Any mod feel free to move to a section where it will help the most people. I posted another thread here, Not trying to spam, but since this only lasts until the end of the month, Trying to...
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    1HP water chiller for 695.00$ until Feb28th.

    Well I am not sure if this is against the rules(if it is please delete the thread), if the thread is ok, Any mod feel free to move to a section where it will help the most people. I posted in the UC section as a Water Chiller is a pretty damn valuable commodity. I am not affiliated in...
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    Matt Riot of Riot seeds is a total douche bag.

    So I stop by this f*#$ers website, Apparently OGRASKAL thinks he is a leach too. :mad0229: :fighting0087:
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    Aeroponics- Am I doing something wrong?

    Hybrid Aero/Dwc/Flood & Drain System, What do you guys think, Am I doing it wrong? :giggle
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    One seed, Two spouts.

    So this seed is "Mary Jane", its from Lonestar of the Texas Resin company. One Seed, Two Spouts, Fucking Ace!
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    How not to grow dope by Al B. Fuct

    Had to share this with my farmers, way funny!!
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    Doubleds logged in today!!!

    Im stoked, its been a minute, everyone has missed you in this section man. Whats new, whens the system coming out ?