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  1. Rooke

    Carbon filter in drying room?

    Heya farmers!!! Hope your harvest is going well!!! Hey I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to run my carbon filter in my drying room? Will it affect the smell of my bud like take away from the smell of the finished product? TIA folks Peace!!!!
  2. Rooke

    Wet/ dry cycles on outdoor plants

    Hello fellow farmers! Hope all your gals are doing great. I’d like to hear what you have to say about wet/ dry cycles on outdoor plants in veg and flower. I’m growing in 35 gal pots in soil my plants are 16 weeks old and have been flowering for about 3 weeks now and doing quite well. I feed...
  3. Rooke

    White bugs?

    Hey there anyone know what these tiny white jumping bugs are I found them on the underside of a leaf it has this white stuff growing on it and on some of my side branches as well I nuked them with end all any thoughts on next time I see them and what I can do differently much appreciated
  4. Rooke

    When Do You Switch Your Nutes From Grow To Bloom

    Hi all. I'm using GH nutes flora series. I have critical kush plants outside and they have started to pre flower. Is it time to switch to bloom now or do I wait to see true flowers? Do I switch gradually or switch to full bloom? Thanks in advance.
  5. Rooke

    Hello To All!!! This Is Just What I Needed!

    They are 55 days old and approximately 3 ft tall.Should they be parallel with the bulb or perpendicular? Seems like they have better light perpendicular? I haven't done any training yet. One of them(chemdawg) is 3.5 ft. Wide with tons of side branches the other (amnesia haze) is tall and...