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  1. Krippie94

    Show Your Beans

    GDP/DVG/Apothecary/Useful Seeds or Ice River Genetics... Looking for reports on these. Who's growing them? How are they?
  2. Krippie94

    Beans! Beans! Beans!

    Step right up folks. Whatya got? Let's SEE!?! Show off seeds and chat about....well, SEEDS.
  3. Krippie94

    Mo In The Green!!!

    Hello, Missouri My wife and I are founders of the Midwest GREEN reLEAF group. A collective of like minded people who are interested in MMJ as medicine (for everything) , cultivating , seed collecting, sharing, etc. Everything from the new LAWS in our great state to heirloom genetics to lights.
  4. Krippie94

    Selecting/creating A Good Stud

    What makes a good breed ing male? @Rootbound @homebrew420 @Sabertooth @Toaster79 @Numbar4 @SurfdOut @motz