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  1. Deke

    Ace Auto Zamal, DP Auto Mazar, and some Mepisto Crosses!

    Hey all, I'm about 2-3 weeks in on my grow. Learning a lot with this one. Temp issues are killin me! The germ time was long for all seeds, and they had to be helped out of their shells, most at least. Since then I added heat mats to combat the 65° temps in my grow area. Well....the damn mats are...
  2. Deke

    Germination issues with lower Temps

    This past week I've been trying to start some seeds to start up again. Well the temps are obviously lower now than in late August when I did this last. The temps are running around 65°-66° in my grow area, that is about 4-6° lower than before. I wouldn't think that that small temp drop would...