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    ghs cheese clone run 3

    have 9 clones under 600w philips HD in a 1.2m2 budbox. 1 week old going to veg for another 10 days and take it from there currently being fed 3ml canna coco A+B per litre of water and 5ml of sesizym to 1 litre of water. Sat in 17 litre pots bar one which is in 11 litre pot. spent 3 days in a...
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    under starters orders

    ok here we go ghs cheese clone in 25litre pot 4 weeks veg and 3 days into bud using budblood again after the ice budblood use i was more than impressed. i got 3oz of this plant last time under a 600w with 9 other plants so hoping for great things going to be using canna coc A+B base nutes...
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    help needed please

    my plants seem to be yellowing from the bottom up, never had this before not doing anything different than normal except feeding them monkey juice grow by advanced at 1ml per litre as they are young, same is happening to my clones, any help or how to remedy be great help
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    hi from uk

    complete noob, but thought i'd say and hope to enjoy it here, on several other forums with different usernames :) i grow coco in pots and love to experiment alot. i never ever check ph or ec it works for me so i won't be changing that :) i love AN range great believer in them. i have a 2ft2...
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    ghs cheese clones

    ok here we go, currently in aeroprop 10 clones taken from strongest plant from seed grow. i got 1.5 oz per plant dried last time with only 1 week veg so will be vegging these for 2-3 weeks depending on growth currently sat under a £4 argos lamp with a 11w energy saving bulb in ... was under a...
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    white label clone

    nearing the end of it's cycle has 18 days to go in a persy growbox under a 250w hps. feeding monkey juice a+b, carboload and overdrive previously was using hammerhead and bigbud together at full strength. i don't ec or ph test ps the clone is ice