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    Big Difference Between Growing Bulb And Common Bulb?

    Hi guys. I have 1000w Hortilux super hps bulb but my magnetic ballast is for 10.3 amp bulbs so I had to buy 120 volt bulbs, the hortilux ones are for 220 volt ballast. I am growing second crop with SON-T 1000W E40 and the plants look good. Would there be a difference with growing bulb? I...
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    What The Hell Is This?!

    Hi guys, anyone has an idea what is this on the stem?
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    Height Of Lights Of Some Grow Rooms

    Hi guys, I keep on seeing big grow rooms where the lights seem to be 2-3 meters over the conopy, I think this is about 7-10 feet. And on the opposite site are the home grows with a few lights which are only 2-3 feet over the conopy. So do you have any explanation why most of the big grows have...
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    Нещо Като Дневник

    Здравейте, тук ще пускам предимно снимки на растенията ми. До сега съм имам две години аутдор, като миналата не съм гледал, защото реших да влизам вътре. Тогава и поръчах семките, но така стана, че чак сега имах възможност да започна индора. Пуснах семките на десети миналия месец, но семките...
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    How Much Ppm Gives 1 Gram Of Amonium Nitrate In One Liter Of Water?

    So I have amonium nitrate and added one gram to one liter of water and the PPM meter showed 1.5 ES and 750 PPM. My water is 50 PPM so the reading should have been 50 + 350 PPMs. From where the hell come the other 350 PPM? This is the same with almost all chemicals I tested. Pottasium hydroxide...