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  1. MarsHydroLED

    Mars-Hydro 420 giveaway! Everyone have fun!

    Hey, farmers, first we do say thanks for your attention on Mars Hydro giveaway again, appreciate your kind love and support, we are 11 years old now and we'll become bigger and stronger, stick to offer the high cost-effective LEDs and indoor grow tent for growers. This giveaway is dedicated to...
  2. MarsHydroLED

    Black Peruvian Diesel, bred and grown by me under TS 1000.

    Harvested today! Black Peruvian Diesel, bred and grown by me under Mars Hydro TS 1000. Harvested at 55 days since flip to twelve/twelve, vegged for one month. -----via Mootah
  3. MarsHydroLED

    Mars Special Offer for THCFARMERS (updating)

    My dear farmers, this thread will update some Mars Hydro special offer for THCFARMERS, also the giveaways info! Welcome!
  4. MarsHydroLED

    Indoor Grow Tent-Mars Hydro

    My farmers, besides LEDs, we are also a tent manufacturer, and the tents are our most cost-effective products Mars Hydro Grow Tent- (2.5'x2.5'; 3'x3', 2'x4'; 4'x4'; 5'x5'; 8'x8') -No light Leakage Rate Over 99% -Reflective Diamond Pattern -1680D Intensity Oxford Cloth -Metal Adaptor Corners...
  5. MarsHydroLED

    Tian OG under TSW2000

    6 plants, Tian OG, under TSW-2000 from mars hydro Using Flora Flex Nutrients V1, V2 In 6 inch pots with Canna Coco Coir Drip to recirculate until transplant into 3 or 5 gallon pots. Week 3 Veg. Grower: @ cloudyfarmersgenetics (IG) Specs of Mars Hydro TSW2000: -Actual Power: 310W+/ -5%@...
  6. MarsHydroLED

    Need your vote, pick the winner

    Hello all farmers, you know that we hold the contest these days, we picked these Top 5 photos. Now it's poll time, please kindly vote the photos you like most, one vote, all farmers can vote Thanks for your time. 💕 The vote will end after 3 days. And announce the winner on the 14th. What...
  7. MarsHydroLED

    Do you want free light- share your mars hydro plant photos

    Hello folks, You know I said Mars Hydro will hold a free light activity in the first month 2020, so here agian, the giveaway. This time, I wanna narrow down the activity to our Mars Hydro growers only. I know here some farmers are not using our light, it's ok, just enjoy here, show your ideas...
  8. MarsHydroLED

    Mars Hydro TSW2000 From Seed to Harvest

    Hello, farmers, to know TSW2000 more, please kindly check out this series videos, MarsHydro the best light for 3x3 - TSW2000!🥳 Thanks for TheCloneRanger's work. Thanks for you guys valuable time. 🙏
  9. MarsHydroLED

    UV necessary ? Vote

    Hi farmers, please kindly do us a favor, your vote! As you know we have 2 new lines lights, the Mars Hydro TS and SP, which the LEDs we have been to promote here, I just confirmed that Mars Hydro SP250 has UV lights. So we are collecting data and might do some improvements to our other...
  10. MarsHydroLED

    Mars Hydro Black Friday Giveaway - 2019

    Hey, THCfarmers, Mars Hydro giveaway here again!🥳 Now it is an exciting moment! Black Friday Giveaway Time! 💕(Interested in Black Friday sales details? Check here!) This time, let's do SP light - Mars SP250, Which worth 259.99USD/pc, total 684pcs chips on the board, and high PPE around...
  11. MarsHydroLED

    Mars Hydro Black Friday Sales - 2019

    Hello THCfarmers, bang bang bang, Mars Hydro big news!‼🥳 Finally, I can announce the Black Friday Sales for 2019, cheers 🥳 I know most growers are already waiting for our promotion info for a long time. And we have received many farmers asking if we will have the Black Friday sales this year...
  12. MarsHydroLED

    Mars Hydro SP150-SP250 Review

    Pics Sharing, here💕 Mars Hydro SP150 SP250🌱 Thanks for all growers sharing 🌱😊
  13. MarsHydroLED

    Mars Hydro COB LED Grow Lights Are Offering Buy One Get One Free Now!

    What's up my THCFarmers! I bring good news! Mars Hydro is now offering our COB led grow lights "Buy ONE Get ONE FREE" promotion! Last around 1 week, if we sold out earlier, it might end sooner.💕💕💕 Yeah, you are right, not buy one light, send one pair of yoyo or a pair of glasses, but buy ONE...
  14. MarsHydroLED

    Mars Hydro Giveaway Time: Come and Win New TS or SP Grow Kit

    Hey THCFarmers! Mars Hydro Giveaway Time coming now! :love1::love2:🥳 We are going to sponsor our newly unreleased TSW2000 or SP250 series light and the suitable indoor grow tent. The lights are both High PPE, Wattage adjustable, white color, full spectrum. 🥳 And how to participate? - Time...
  15. MarsHydroLED

    Hi guys, Mars Hydro, a new THCFarmer Sponsor

    Hi, everyone, this is Emmie from Mars Hydro, the LED grow light and indoor grow tent manufacturer over 10 years experience. We are so happy being a member of the community home. We will hold a special giveaway activity in a few days, welcome, win Mars TS/SP &Tent, Click here!
  16. MarsHydroLED

    Mars Hydro LED

    Hi guys, This is Emmie from Mars Hydro. We'are so happy be here, a new sponsor for THCFARMER 🥳 We mainly produce LED grow lights and indoor grow tents, with more than 10 years of experience. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to PM or Email me 😊 Our official website is...