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  1. jah_hoover

    OGEEZ(LSG) photo shots

    Here is sum shots of my recent project Exodus Cheese x Og kush bx1 male. This cross is a true stinker and heavily frosted. Soon will be available at THCBAY....................:) week7
  2. jah_hoover

    Air Pots for Cannabis plants(new craze)

    Hi guys, i have been looking around the net for new ways to increase my yield and have big healthy plants. Recently i discovered from a good friend that these new types of air pots can give me high yields and healthy lush green plants with ultimate rooting system. This is what i found out...
  3. jah_hoover

    Jah's Variety Bucket part 2(Finger Licking Good)

    Hi guys i thought id start another grow thread as i havent done any this year:) This is my 2nd new setup, this is strictly for buds not breeding like my the other set up is for. I am using a hydrogarden 120 x 240 x 200cm tent and i have joined another HG 120 x120 x 200cm tent and i am using...
  4. jah_hoover

    Lordofdabuds SSSDH bud shot

    Big thanks to my good friend Lordofdabuds fo hooking me up a nice sample of sssdh oj cut. This is LB's 1st time he has ever grown bud in his life, i tought him all i know and LB has made me proud:) SSSDH smoke report Full body meaty structure buds with beautifull amber crystals. smells...
  5. jah_hoover

    Spot the Aliendogs??????????

    Big thanks to Darkside for hooking up these dank seeds:) I got sum beans of DS awhile back but never got around to popping them. I promised DS i would get sum pics up once i get these beans growing but i did sumthing stupid, i accidently mixed up the beans when i was germing them. I have...
  6. jah_hoover

    OG-KUSH X BUBBA KUSH( Bud shotz)

    I got these beans of Capt Krip last year at the 420 cup. I was over at my grow room and i snipped a bud of my drying harvest.. this shizzle smells like coffee beans....cant wait for the rest to dry:character0103: I will update with sum more pics of the other 2 phenos
  7. jah_hoover

    A Brief History of Cannabis

    A Brief History of Cannabis The exact origins of something as old as Cannabis can never be that clear.Historians generally agree that Cannabis was one of the first crops to becultivated by Man. Archeological evidence indicates that the earliest use of Cannabis dates backsome 10,000 years...
  8. jah_hoover

    East Coast Sour Diesel(clone) gallery

    Hi fellow farmers, i have not been online for awhile due to being in the sahara desert and coming back with a crazy foreign flue virus, forunatly it wasnt swine flue. Anyways guys while i was at Amsterdam last years 420 cup chilling with the thcfarmers. I got my cut of Mr A in a Evian bottle...
  9. jah_hoover

    250+ Physchosis Dutch grow op

    While i was in Amsterdam i popped over to see how my friend was doing with the cuts i sent him. The phsychosis in these pics are 5 weeks into flowering and they are growing in coco and fed on Canna nutes and Bcuzz bloom stim, he had to put a aircon in due to heat issues week5 e.c 1.6 p.h...
  10. jah_hoover

    Queens Day atempted assasination

    I was just flicking through youtube and i was shocked to find this video of sum crazy guy trying to crash into the queens parade. The guy who crashed the car died in hospital and he also run over 12 pedestrians and i think 5 of them died. 4ab8xwfhl_Q
  11. jah_hoover

    Jah's Variety Bucket(finger licking good)

    Ive just got 2 new tents this week and threw in the sssdh and nevs haze and snoe creep these girls are 2 weeks into vege
  12. jah_hoover

    Grim Reaper (Subcool seeds) video

    Grim Reaper (Subcool seeds) Gallery 20naZiikdHc these are 5 weeks into flowering so far E.c 1.6 P.h 5.7 400watt hps air cooled Grown in Canna coco Nutrients- Canna coco A & B Cannazym Canna Boost Canna Rhiztonic Canna pk13/14 Canna flush
  13. jah_hoover

    2007 420 cup entries video

    I found this video on youtube and i found a few fimiliar names, check it outzdDFDpUpxEg
  14. jah_hoover

    Cannabiscup2008 what R u doing? & what R your smoking??

    Cannabiscup2008 what R u doing? & what R you smoking?? I thought id start this thread as a few members from this forum are celebrating cannabis cup 2008 and i it would be kool to know what you are doing and what you are smoking:) I will be be adding my comments on tuesday when i land:)
  15. jah_hoover

    Bus kills elephant near Mexico pyramids

    Reuters - Tuesday, September 23 06:59 pm MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A bus crashed into an elephant that escaped from a circus near some of Mexico's most famous pyramids, killing the nearly 5-tonne animal and the bus driver, Mexican news reports said. (Advertisement) The elephant, named Hilda...
  16. jah_hoover

    Magic Mollasses

    I copied this of sum other website and thought it would be intresting to read as im using mollasses to flush my plants as gds stonerboy advised me and ive heard good things aswell so lets give it a go. There are a number of different nutrient and fertilizer companies selling a variety of...
  17. jah_hoover

    Canna Rhizotonic(root stimulator)

    A dynamic Root Stimulator and Stress Reliever. - Faster root development - Strong roots - Easy to use - Increased resistance to disease - For use in both indoor and outdoor cultivation - Instantly absorbable - More than 60 microbiological substances - Multiple applications - No harmful...
  18. jah_hoover


    Cannazym CANNAZYM Fast-growing plants continually develops new root cells on a continuous basis. During this process plants also reject root elements to remain in, deteriorate and pollute the growing medium. Dead root cells attract pathogenic organisms, creating harmful moulds in the root...
  19. jah_hoover

    Canna Flush(how to use it)

    Canna Canna Flush CANNA Flush is an additive to clean substrate and plants from any excess nutrients. To be used in the case of over fertilisation, it effectively cleans the substrate without killing any useful bacteria or bene? cial fungi, as can be the case when using RO- or demineralised...
  20. jah_hoover

    2008 Hightimes cup??

    Can anyone confirm what the dates are going to be for this years higtimes cup as i would like to attend it fora laugh lol, i know its a bit of a joke but ive never been and i wanted to see what the fuss is??:rock p.s any1 from the forum going?