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  1. Dan789

    Memorial Day

    Much thanks due the veteran’s in the community and country, don’t lose sight of what this holiday really represents. We’re enjoying this life because of all who’ve served and made the ultimate sacrifice...
  2. Dan789

    Vero 29 chips

    Found out why my one bank of lights didn’t come on...what utter garbage. Dicked round with the connection and got the light string to come on...These are going to be shit canned as soon as I can order their CREE CBX 3590 replacements...
  3. Dan789

    Rain in Northern California

    Wow, currently raining in Northern California, no rain at all during February, so glad we’re finally getting some now. The threat of another drought sucks.
  4. Dan789

    Want to pollenate a few buds for seed production

    I’ve gotten two clones that in fact are male and I’ve got them safely away from my grow in bags as they drop their pollen. Figuring to pollenate a few buds to get some seeds produced. My potential brides would either be some of the lower buds of my current grow, which the top buds are about...
  5. Dan789

    FYI Package opened by big brother

    Just another incident alerting me to the over watch being conducted by our government officials, over otherwise law abiding citizens. We received a shipment of vitamins my wife ordered from LifeExtension today. What was surprising was that the box containing the vitamins was opened by some...
  6. Dan789

    So I’ve got a male plant, what to do?

    Question for all, is it a good idea to try and capture some viable pollen from a segregated male plant, or go the colloidal silver route on a female? Very curious about seed production.
  7. Dan789

    It's a male

    So seems always there's a lot of question on if a plant is a male or not. This is a male that I've just uncovered in my grow this season. I didn't detect anything till yesterday, and that was 8 days into bloom. (these were from seed)
  8. Dan789

    Have a Happy and Safe New Years Everyone

    Just a shout out to the community, we’ve gotten through another year and wishes to all for a great New Year. Stay safe, designated drivers, Uber and such for anyone going out. for the rest of us curling up in front of the fire or TV at home, enjoy. Good growing in the New Year.
  9. Dan789

    Received order

    Thanks, got my order the other day, Cookie Ox, and Maggie's pacifier...
  10. Dan789

    Harambe, and Kashyyk Cookies Fall grow

    Plants are finally getting going, failed seed sprouting, stunted start, and left them too long in the one gallon containers. From their start in September, slowly progressing, but wasn't paying enough attention to them. Posted on their yellow leaves and stunted appearance, back around...
  11. Dan789

    Plants seem like nitrogen deficiency?

    This off seasons grow having a hard time getting anywhere. Seedlings took a long time to get going, now in one gallon containers and noticing the leaves are curved over. At first I thought maybe Nitrogen def, but now maybe the soil conditioner that I mixed with the FFOF was too hot and I’m...
  12. Dan789

    Saluting all Veterans

    Just a shout out to the veterans, many thanks for the service to this country...
  13. Dan789

    Order 113

    Received order, everything good. Thanks.
  14. Dan789

    Diy Arduino, Plc Lighting/dimming Controllers

    Curious if anyone’s delved into constructing a light dimming and timer function controller to mimic the natural daylight progression. Also if anyone’s thought about any advantage to doing so? I see some of the big names lights have controllers, but for us DIY’ers like to know if anyone’s gotten...
  15. Dan789

    Cuttings, To Clones

    Just a short reflection on cloning... For the first few years after starting to grow I had one hell of a time getting a clone to grow. Had the trays, bought the grow cubes, the cloning “magic elixir”, the razor, the alcohol and so on. I couldn’t get one to grow. Saturday night I was minding my...
  16. Dan789

    At Harvest, The Slightly Melancholic Reflections Of One Grower

    Just beginning the process of harvesting my crop this season, at the first beheadings of those largest cola’s a little sadness enters my mind. Kind of a grand reflection on life in general, especially as you age, and as you note the passing of others. Some maybe younger, maybe older but...
  17. Dan789

    Growers Utilizing Cob Lights

    Has anyone also noticed that as I'm in my second seasonal grow with my cob setup and that the plants are maturing at a faster rate than "Normal"? I'm at 38 days bloom with Black Bubba, & Purple D. (both Humboldt seeds) and have one cola with some amber on it already, the plants overall are into...
  18. Dan789

    Order Received

    Thanks, order received. :cool:
  19. Dan789

    Tinctures, And Tools

    FYI, just came across this potato ricer, that I've repurposed to help wring (the alcohol) the bud out afterwards. My previous "ricer" was plastic (which collapsed), but this one is stainless steel, heavy duty and works so good, I wanted to share it with the group. (pictured on a 8.5X11 piece of...
  20. Dan789

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    To all the peeps out there in our big world, hope everyone is/will have a great Thanksgiving. Just got some rain in Northern California and that alone is a pretty great gift. Many other things to be thankful for, enjoy your friends, and families, especially today. Peace.