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  1. NinoGrows420

    WTF shes turning on me?😟😳😭🤢

    I think shes gone hermie? Just noticed these sacks wtf they weren't there last week ... ahhhhhhhh what do you guys think? I got clones from here like 2 weeks ago and they are looking ok do you pros think those will turn hermie too? Just kinda bummed out I thought I was gonna have some decent...
  2. NinoGrows420

    What should i do???😟

    I think I have this female here what do you guys think? I'm not sure but I think it's a girl anyways I see spider webs and I'd like to know what I can use to get rid of those lil fellas so I can try to get some decent nugs from her? I've seen liquid ladybug I think it was called has anyone tried...
  3. NinoGrows420

    Male or female?

    I think it's a female but not really sure I need someone with more knowledge than me to confirm just hoping it's a girl thanks in advance!!
  4. NinoGrows420

    Got some spots on my girls!!

    What's up farmers so I think I've been giving to much cal mag to my girls and now they are getting some spots on them 😳 can someone give me their opinion and let me know if I'm right I've cut back on the cal mag but feeding the same amount of nutes the plants look ok except for those spots...
  5. NinoGrows420

    Here is one of my 3 girls!!😁

    I picked up this watermelon gelato not a big fan of hybrids but I have to learn this asap so I said fuck it and got her! What do you guys think of that strain I've never smoked it before has anyone? I'd prefer some ogs you know that pinesol dankness smell lol ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh those ones are my...
  6. NinoGrows420

    WTF is this guy doing???😯🤦‍♂️

    So I went outside to burn one down and I caught this lil fuck on my girl!!? Anybody know what it is? What can I put on her for the webs I see? Any recommendations I'm gonna try to get a clone of this one in a couple weeks If im lucky. What's the rules to bring it inside?
  7. NinoGrows420

    Why does it smell and taste like this?

    Hey guys so i just got me a pack and I have this sweet candy smell when I light one up can anybody tell me what it can be? I'm not a fan my other guys stuff has always had this smell and taste but not this guy i just got it from till today does anyone know what it can be? Can it be the bud...
  8. NinoGrows420

    My homboldt og, orgasmic og,and watermelon gelato!!

    I have these strains right now just wondering if anyone in socal would be interested in trading I'm looking for a good og like king Louis or holly grail even sfv og or some Skywalker og or like sour d u guys know what I'm taking about anyone have something available $ or know where I can get one
  9. NinoGrows420

    A lil help farmers please!😥

    Hey guys so I haven't been checking my ph or ppm and I've just been giving half dosage of the recommended feeding (sensi grow) growing in coco and perlite but my plant new growth is looking yellow 😟 last night i stopped by home depot and got some ph testing strips but they are for the pool😳 and...
  10. NinoGrows420

    Sensi grow

    I bought some sensi grow for new coco grow any suggestions I've read I should be using hydroponic nutes or something for coco? Can I get away with using the sensi grow for now so it's not a waste of money? Should I switch nutes to something for coco? Any suggestions for nutes to use ?
  11. NinoGrows420

    Whats up thcfam

    Finally decided to start growing my own meds cause them prices keep going up wich sucks for me but anyway I've sprouted some beans i found in a pack put them in some cokoloko and perlite it's been about 8 or 9 days they seem to be doing ok I'm feeding them sensi grow a and b nutes but it's just...