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  1. NHWhites

    Calcium deficiency and light/heat stress?

    Flowering under a HLG qb260. These are known to require more calcium uptake, which is why I’m leaning towards a calcium deficiency. Thoughts?
  2. NHWhites

    Is this mycelium?

    It’s a white fuzzy growth in decomposing leaves. I water with URB only or I’ll also add aloe sometimes This is indoors
  3. NHWhites

    Irie Genetics

    Anyone run his gear? I just picked up 5-packs of Arise(r) and Michelangelo(f). He posts some lab results boasting over 30% thc
  4. NHWhites

    Fall Indoor Grow - Mass Medical, Green Bodhi, Solfire, Rp

    Cleaned the tent from the last indoor run and outdoor dry. I’m going to keep the 315cmh as high as possible to let the plants stretch a little more I’m going to be running the following strains for the fall/winter: Star Pupil - Mass Medical Strains Mystery Haze - Green Bodhi Westside...
  5. NHWhites

    Pm Or???

    Are these white specks the start of pm or possibly thrips? The underside of the leaves don’t show any damage...
  6. NHWhites

    Does This Bud Look Seeded??

  7. NHWhites

    Deficient Or Ph Issue?

    Day 23 of flower. She’s in a 3gal smartpot M3 soil. I water with tap that’s around 7-7.5 ph that I adjust down but my ph pens have been acting up so I feel a little blind. I should also mention these are only on the lower fans that don’t get much light. Everything else look happy and healthy
  8. NHWhites

    Cookies N Chem, Wedding Cake S1, Purple Punch S1

    I just dropped a wedding cake s1, purple punch s1 and two cookies n chem in water. They’ll go in a paper towel either tomorrow or the next day to finish germing. I’m going to run them all in M3 Michigan mix but can’t find anything on how seedling take to the soil, if it too hot. I have some...
  9. NHWhites

    For Veg - 315cmh 4k Or Hlg65

    I flowered put my last round with a 315cmh using a 3k bulb. For veg this round, I’m either going to get a 4K bulb for the cmh or pick up a HLG65. I’m leaning towards the 4K bulb but the hlg is intriguing. Anyone have thoughts on the best course of action?
  10. NHWhites

    Ph Flux Or Tmv

    It’s only on a couple leaves
  11. NHWhites

    Pest Or Deficiency?

    I have a plant of the same strain growing from seed right next to it that isn’t displaying this. Mg deficiency or pest problem? I just started to hit it with neem and have spinosad on the way
  12. NHWhites

    Ph Issue Or Something Else?!?

    I’m growing in happy frog, using notg nutes with recharge and photosynthesis+. So far it’s had two full feedings with notg (ppm ~500 from nutes, ph 6.3)and two recharge only. I don’t understand what’s happening with the leaves, retarded mutations. They twist almost immediately. Is it a ph issue...
  13. NHWhites

    Blue Moon - Mosca Seeds

    Anyone have any info on this strain? From what I gather it’s old time moonshine x bluberry
  14. NHWhites

    Purple Spotting On Leaves

    I noticed a little inch worm on one of my buds and I'm now seeing purple spots on some fan leaves. The night time temps have been cooler and this plant did have pink and purple pistils early on. Is the purpling and spotting due to the temps or have one of those little fuckers gotten inside my...
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    Pick Your Poison: Torrential Rain Or Limited Sunlight

    So it's hurricane season and I don't have a greenhouse, nor was I able to build anything this weekend before any storms hit. I have two options: leave the girls exposed to the rain and wind or keep them under my deck where they will get some morning light and general ambient outdoor (as much as...
  16. NHWhites

    First Grow - Outdoors

    I have a few autos going along with a fem Bluberry Ghost OG and a bag seed for shits and giggles The autos , left to right, are white widow, sour d, two bubba kush and another white widow. I started these from seed around he beginning of May, same time as the BGOG. I've been training the BGOG...