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    Ice Box Water-Cooled Heat Exchanger - anyone using these?

    hey guys. so what's the verdict? ac or ice boxes?
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    Recommend me a carbon filter/fan combo

    max fans with can fan, phresh, etc. filters should be cool. also, you can use a muffler to dampen the sound...
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    og climate conditions

    that was interesting. who knew? thanks for that info jk... you got any other interesting tips to share with us about og?
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    E-Ballast Poll

    what type of set-up were you using? it looks like some kind of bucket system?
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    E-Ballast Poll

    Yeah, some of those aquarium reflectors look crazy too! Do you know if those are good for gardening as well? The reflectors that farmers use seems to be, more or less, the same design whereas the reflectors for aquarium users have a wide range... Maybe those reflectors are too intense?
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    water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

    yeah, i think getting an ro system would be the best way to go...
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    E-Ballast Poll

    anybody have experience with galaxy's?
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    E-Ballast Poll

    yeah, so i just got a reply back from the quantum guys and they're made in china with components sourced from china, eu, and taiwan. so, does that mean the cheap knock offs are indeed from the same facility as suspected?
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    EC vs PPM

    thanks for the info. does that mean that ppm is more accurate in the sense that ec is only read to the first decimal (i think)?
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    E-Ballast Poll

    :icon_dizzy:what the...are you serious? i could've sworn they were from las vegas, as someone mentioned. i'm gonna go look into this thing. thanks for the info...
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    EC vs PPM

    does that mean it's better/more accurate to use ppm? or am i completely missing the point? haha...
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    Need Co2 Propane Burner help.

    Thanks BH! Those pics looks amazing. Gonna check out your diary...
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    lucas method questions please help

    Cool. Thanks guys for all the info. It's helpful for noobs like me :) So, if I got it, the ratio will depend on lighting rather than stage of growth. Makes sense. Is LED considered low light or does it depend on number of watts?
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    I'm a seed whore..... And proud of it!

    that's nuts how some of you guys have literally hundreds, if not thousands of beans. i'm so jealous...but at the same time, will you guys ever end up using them?
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    E-Ballast Poll

    that's the thing though. i think the lumatek and quantums are made in the us, and not overseas. i could be wrong though. do you have a link to the lumatek knock offs?
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    Warehouse Ventilation

    i'm in the same boat as you nm and i think the answers to your q's are yes and yes. what are your concerns about running a sealed room?
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    E-Ballast Poll

    the lumateks and quantums are neck and neck on the poll at 12 each. inneresting...
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    Warehouse Ventilation

    Thanks for that Garden... I'm still in the planning stages and am pretty spot on with everything you recommended except we were thinking of 6 1k's. Is that too much? Also, for the lights, would you use the 12" fan in conjunction with a Y-duct? We were thinking two rows of 3k with an 8"...
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    E.T.'s alien og grow

    looks good e.t. keep us posted please :)
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    Warehouse Ventilation

    Hey Garden! I've seen your work and it's very impressive. Do you have templates for various size rooms, or is all your work custom? I'd appreciate if I could pick your brain for a minute. More specifically, what/how would you set-up in a 12 x 12 space? Thanks and Happy New Year everyone!