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  1. Alice D

    Biodiversity? I'm Seeing Some Of Healthiest Plants Ever,anyone Else Using Their Line & Tea?

    Just amazed on how healthy & how fast these plants stacked up using their line. No a&b,only their products & bloom pre & wow 10 days in looking like 18-20 days into flower. Healthiest I've seen & roots amazing. Anyone else Chim in biodiversity with results or feedback? Thank you farmers
  2. Alice D

    Farmers i need some insight

    So this run i've been noticing my plants aren't transpiring like all previous grows. Since growing in the UC i've always strived to keep my enviroment at optimal levels. I'm currently sitting at day 40 with 16 pretty large trees growing scrog style and another uc evolution with 15 plants. These...
  3. Alice D

    To Tea or not to Tea?

    Hello everyone I am about to set back up my current culture DBXL13 with 16 sites. I am wondering what others are using in their systems,as far as keeping root health & warning off pathogens. Are you making teas every few days & using them in the system itself or are you just crown feeding...