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    Lost Everything "please help if you can"

    I'm down and out and need some help. I lost everything sad to say. 20k flower room down the drain. My partner and i believe it was the landlord renting us out the property. There was no forced entry and he's the only one who could possibly know the cycle of the plants since he has a key to the...
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    ReadyGro "Aeration Formula"

    Switching over to this completely different medium so any info and help would be greatly appreciated. Is it true i must water 4-6 times a day? I will be top feeding through a drip system and was planning on watering once a day for 15-30 minutes. Will that work or should i just do what they...
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    How Many 1k Lights Would You Put In A "21ft by 14ft"

    What up farmers Just like the thread says How many lights would you put in a 21ft x 14ft room?
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    Flexi-Tank AutoPot Reservoirs

    Just picked up 3 of these. Wondering if anyone has used them before. I wasn't able to transport 3 huge barrels so i went we these. No tools required :)
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    Once & Done "extreme gardening"

    Anyone have experience or feedback regarding this product? Indoors or out. Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    Scott's and Doc's Og (flowering shots)

    Here's a few pheno's for all the farmers wanting to see some more of rare dankness's gems in action. Here they are at around 6 weeks. My favorite thus far is the 2nd set of pics. She's got that fuely dankness that i always after. Thanks Rare Dankness! Two more pheno's to come everyone so sit...
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    C is for cookie and these cookies have been baking for a few weeks now. Stay tuned for the rest of the show. Umm Num Num Num Num :)
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    Old-School Heirloom Og Kush

    What up farmers! Been a while since i posted some shots from the garden. Tried to do my justice with the camera. She just wasn't working with me. I think it's time for a new one. Hope you all enjoy the pics Dried Nugs Shots Coming Soon
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    What up everyone! After walking around the cup many times looking for proper cookies i came upon one booth that fit the description of the girl scout cookies. I took a few pics to share. Dominant smell is og and the background smell does seem to be just like the thin mint cookies. Funny some...
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    EAGLE 20 and Freshly Rooted Clones

    What up farmers! Hope all is well. This will be my first time ever applying Eagle 20 to my ladies and would like to hear your feedback. I just brought in some clones from an outside source and wanna make sure there will be no powdery mildew when i throw them into flower. PM and Mites always seem...
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    Nutrient Prices "HEAVY 16"

    Where can i get the best deal on this bundle? 4L BLOOM A/B 4L PRIME 1L FIRE Also when i looked on the bottles for the bloom nutrients at my local hydro shop each bottle said $79.99. Doesn't make sense. I went onto a few websites and its either sold separately for around $45 for part A and...
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    Girl Scout Cookies Or What?

    I believe this cut came from Imedz. They were san jose patients collective or however you say their name. Right? Did anyone find out if it is a legit GSC cut or just another fake. Looks legit to me. What do you all think? Let me here it lol! :) Day 53
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    Winter Wonderland "paulycali"

    Alright guys i am back at it again and super stoked about it. Got two new rooms going on a flip box. Gotta love it! Not to many strains but some exciting ones to see in action for sure. No pics at the moment. Just got a mac and trying to figure everything out lol! Thing rocks for sure. I am...
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    Don't Burn Your Eyes!!!!

    Grab a pair of these So worth it Plus you can see a deficiency in the garden that much easier Here's a little info on them The Resistance is the world's ultimate optical tool for growers. It is the first grow glass providing "Perfect Color". The patent pending Rendition Technology was...
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    What Would You Keep Around?????

    Hey Farmers! Hope all is well Help a brotha out :) Of the genetics listed below which would you make mothers of? I have mothers already of a few on the list but just want to hear your input Thanks Animal Crackers "Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG" Wet Dream "DJ Short's Blueberry x Blue...
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    Lamp to Ballast Extension Cord Adapter "25ft"

    What up farmers! I am having some trouble locating 25ft lamp to ballast 24ov extension cords. I found some wholesale places that sell the cords but not really anywhere else. Anyone know where i can get a few of these? A link would be greatly appreciated. This is been taking way to long to find...
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    GSC "Animal Crackers" Legit??? Help a brotha out!!! "New Cut"

    What up everyone! Just picked up some Girl Scout Cookies in clone form. Also got some dried meds of the finished product. Everything Look right? What's your input. Look like the real deal? Seems to be the Animal Crackers version of the Girl Scout Cookies. The Og dominant one not the GDP...
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    Need Help With This Lighting Controller Flipbox

    Do these units plug directly into my dryer outlet? Thats what i am looking for Do i need another accessory or something? Kinda confused LOL! Need some help for sure Thanks and here's some pics of the boxes
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    Where's the cookies at???

    GIRL SCOUT COOKIE CLONES "no hermies please" Need a little help here Anyone know of any collectives in So Cal carrying the Girl Scout Cookie Clone? Any help would be greatly appreciated My buddy has the one we aquired in veg and not sure if its legit yet Send me in the right direction...
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    Bloomin Beauties LOL!

    Didnt expect to see plumerias did ya? Lol! Figured i would share some pics of my lovely plumerias Hope you enjoy them as much as i do Peace out and feel free to throw up any of your outdoor flowers or plants Thanks :)