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    Bit of this and bit of that

    I've been a regular poster on another site for a couple of years now, but it's recently been taken down by a hacker, so I'm assuming all my pics of my grows that I've stored there are probably gone forever :( So it's now time to pull my finger out and get another diary going and this seems like...
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    White Russian x Odalisk

    Got gifted these beans a while back.:happy: I've had a bit of a mare with males but this is what's left. Started my flush so maybe a couple more weeks. The veg rooms looking much healthier with some white russians, Orange Bud and a white rhino. I'll pop some pics up when they get...
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    Howdy doody

    Thought I'd say hi. Some guys might know me from another forum most probably won't. My style of grow is...... lets say relaxed:laugh: I've been growing for almost 2 years now in a converted drobe but got myself a shiny new budbox so I can dive into cloning. Not a big grower, but self...