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  1. Makinit01

    my ph is off need help

    I check my ph daily, the last couple of weeks it drop to about 3.5 I took it up with baking soda now it shows 6.1 everyday I put new water in tank it usually goes up to 8 then I Lower it now new water it still say 6.1 i check it manually and with meter it says its 6.1 both ways. it doesn't...
  2. Makinit01

    Second grow need advice

    My second grow first was skunk it went great from everyone helping. Now i am trying auto flower gorilla glue. 1 pic need to know if i can harvest. Other pics are sad. Need to know why 3 out of 20 are this way is it me or just what happens. I had a few do this on regular seeds also. The bud that...
  3. Makinit01

    I am new

    This is pic of 2 of my buds. This is my first grow. You all have help me a lot. I am back. I am wondering if these are done or do i need more time. Just dont know for sure need help??
  4. Makinit01

    Help the new guy

    Hello I am new I have a question. I started my plants on the first of this month. I thought it would start buds by now at least better than they are. My light are LED 450w use cal mag. They have grow about 8 inches since then. Am I just in a hurry or should I do something else.
  5. Makinit01

    Need help

    First grow cant figure out ehy some of my leaves are doing this. Please help!!
  6. Makinit01

    need some advice

    This is my first grow, things have been growing pretty good. This is a pic of what some of my leaves look like. I have tried what I know. Guess i really dont know. Need some help with whats wrong. Please help