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  1. SilentL

    Easy , Simple Test Of Bulbs , Cheap And You Probably Got It!

    When to replace a bulb for HID. I will test the bulb with phone and lux test program which is free. There are several programs at google play. A new bulb , I test it first and write down what results I have. Maybe after 3 months or 6 months I want to test or you see that something is different ...
  2. SilentL

    Mycorrhizae And Bacterias Use In Coco

    I started to use this : Mycorrhizae And Bacterias.. With great results . Some of them..Some good a few o.k. Different strains but have some that I know better. I notice that probably that with more sativa they get better as little as 20 % makes differnce and autos don't get so good. I prefer...
  3. SilentL

    How Long Time Flowering 12-or 14 Hours Max..?

    I have like some others heat problem but maybe if I can use 13 or 14 hours during flowering?
  4. SilentL

    Uv-b Anyone Uses It? Is It Increasing Thc ??

    I see some more light some want's to sell but are they usefull or is it worth spending money on?