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  1. MrBulldops

    Farm Buddys Will I Pass The Drug Test !

    I waited 20 years and on the day I retired from the military I sparked one up. Look for articles about drug testing + Jell Sure or Certo if you plan on smoking. Does it work? Maybe. Like I said, I waited. If your freedom is inportant than getting high, please reconsider.
  2. MrBulldops

    Bayer Monsanto Merger Will Steal The Marijuana Industry

    Its always easier for a corporation to go to arbitration to pay off their damages while assuming no liability though. Why allow these class action suits to go in front of a judge? To create presidence in the way these cases are heard. I would worry more about the long term damage that RoundUp...
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    Well that is interesting!
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    I am a first time grower that started my grow on Election Day with an indoor grow of White Widow. Looking forward to chatting with members about good growing practices and not arguing with strangers over the internet. To me its all about making my Hannukah bush grow nice buds to share with my...
  5. MrBulldops

    gonna be lurkin for a bit

    gonna be lurkin for a bit