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    Poll: Gold vs. Paper Money

    I like gold. Silver too. Prices are shooting up which is okay but I like metal for it's international liquidiy.
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    US Government Owned Medical Cannabis Patents

    They were talking about this patent at the NORML conference on Thursday and I've been doing some cannabis patent reasearch. Here are some very interesting patents, the first is assigned to the US Gov. the rest are mostly Big Pharma like Eli Lilly...
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    The Curing Poll - How long do YOU Cure?

    How long do you cure your buds after harvest? Paperbags? Glass jars? Burping frequencies? Vote and then Talk it out....
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    Marc Emery's Farewell Speech Video

    Love him or hate him, he says some interesting things here....
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    DEA raid at SoCal THC?

    I read on WT that So Cal THC was raided but the 3 posts were very lite on info. Can anyone confirm? I know Kush Korner was raided too. The Kaptain posted a big story about it. Sigh
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    The Flushing Poll - How Long Do You Flush?

    How Long Do You Flush? Any special flushing products or techniques used?
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    So Cal Outdoor Growers with unusual Bud Rot, one bud or so...take note

    So Cal Outdoor Farmers with unusual Bud Rot, one bud or so...take note those unusual spots of bud rot may actually be where a little but growing big green catapillar started to grow and eat the plant. You may want to check the buds, stems and leaves up and down the plant. I found a couple on...
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    Growing Renter's Beware! Apt's or Houses

    There have been a lot of posts in various forums recently from folks who rent that are growing in their living spaces. Just Know this: Growing in a rented apt is the biggest security risk EVER! Your apt is never ever really secure.Like when the guys hot water pipes burst over my friends...
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    The Comedy Thread

    Laugh it up people! Let's start with a George Carlin classic....
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    The Late Night Music Thread

    Post your songs for some great late night jamming.
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    Which political party is more likely to legalize Marijuana in the USA?

    POLL: Which political party is more likely to legalize Marijuana in the USA? Which political party is more likely to legalize Marijuana in the USA? Not that it will or won't happen. Just whuich party is more likely to do it. Republican's or Democrats?
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    Today's teenagers are different....

    Today's teenagers are different.... Report on How Teenagers Use the Internet. It created quite stir when released in the UK. Interesting report
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    Karma's Jack @ 43 days from Germination, 4 plants (video)

    Karma's Jack @ 43 days from Germination, 4 plants (video)
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    The Secret Life of Plants - Documentary (1979)

    This book and movie came up in another thread and I thought it would nice for everyone to have access to the film... From Wikipedia.... Published in 1973, The Secret Life of Plants was written by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. It is described as "A fascinating account of the physical...
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    POLL: Anyone else play music for your plants? if so what do you play for them?

    I have music playing in the grow room. Mostly classical. I like it too while I work on clones or feeding etc. I've read that plants love it. I hope mine appreciate the music.... :) What do you do? :420:
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    The Declaration of Independence - 1776

    The text and full list of signatories to the document we in the USA celebrate today. Mind you we are still trying to put into full practice the theory described: IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America When in the Course of human...
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    Karma's Jack Seedling Video

    Here a short video of the KJ seedlings growing their little hearts out.
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    The ReelBusy Video Grow Diary

    This is the ReelBusy Video Grow Diary as an extra to my regular grow thread. Hope you find thses first short videos enjoyable. As I get more organized I will be doing videos with voiceovers and more info. Thanks to YouTube for their unknowing support! These are the vegging plants right now...
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    Things the Farm fixed for me.....

    Since joining I've been keeping a list of Things the Farm (Fellow Farmers actually) Fixed for me..... 1. Identifying and fixing a Cal-Mag deficiency 2. My Powdery Mildew problem - Gone! 3. The use of simple cheap molasses as the best bud booster. Thank you Farmers! What's on your list?
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    Best L.A. neighborhood for co-op choices is....?

    Which neighborhoods have the best selection of co-ops for an L.A. patient to choose from? Hollywood? West Side? the East SF Valley or the West SF Valley? Downtown? Personally for me the clubs in the west valley are the best and work for their patients very much.... West side would be...