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    UC Pruning Question

    One of my flower rooms is about 3.5 weeks into flower. I'm running a 15 site 13gal UCE. The room is 7 x 14. I'm running a co2 burner, AC, 1hp chiller, and H&G nutes. My system is running at 5.9 PH at the moment, and 450 PPM, 67 degree rez temps. Every single plant looks as good as they...
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    Which UC

    My flower room consist of a 8x14 space. I have 6000 watts hanging, 2 ton A/C, 1 hp chiller, and water cooled co2 gen. I'm looking to replace my Ebb & Grow with a Under Current system. Due to the size of my room, I am looking for some input on which system would make the most sense. I'm looking...
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    First Time Grow

    I've built a 7'x7'x8' Room for my Veg, and a 7'x14'x8' for my Flower. My Veg room has a 2'x4' Ebb & Flow trey in it. I'm using R/O water, H&G Aqua A/B, H&G Drip Clean, Great White, and H&G Root Excelleraters. I transplanted Clones into 6"x6" Buckets in Hydroton. My water temps are 68-69, Canopy...