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    5th week of bud , dont know whats happening .

    wondering if you all can help my out , here are the pics to start with .. im using general organics , my meter is a nutra drip . i had an issues with my meter , so ive been watering with ph water of 5.5 to fix it but nothing seems to be happing , all thought would be much appericated thanks...
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    best way to drop ph of my pro mix bx with micorza

    Hey all ive been growing in promix , well had a meter go bad for a week before i noticed and my ph went sky high .. my flower room has 8 moms in flower rite now , with a soil ph of 6.8 . I want to get it down to 6.0 - 5.8 , best way to do this ? iVE BEEN watering with a ph of 5.0 but it...
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    defeceny in 6th week bloom ,, general organics pics included

    Good day all , i am using general organics , and i am feeding the listed amount on the card that they supply with the test boxes . Ive been using it for about 6 months now , and i just started having an issuse when my nutra drip meter got messed up . I am new to organic , well i dont htink im...
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    cap ebb and grow 24 site system , input reviews welcome

    I am interested in buying one of these systems and i was wondering if anyone can shed some light on them , weather there worth it or should i stick to my soil and general organics , im getting about 1 lb per 1000w rite now , but can i get more ?
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    help me optimize my grow

    i am looking for some help optimzing my grow . I am planning on running a top drip system next run with 4lph drippers , and grow bags . Im just wondering what can do better . The last 4 runs i used 3 gal pots and fed flora nova one grow and bloom . and on the first 3 i got 4.5 ilb of my...
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    please help my year old 7 foot tall mom needs help

    I was wondering if i could have you guys look at my mom . Is a year old and i have never had any issues with it untill now . Its pure kush from green house . I feed it 30 ml per 5 gal . of flora nova grow , the one part formula . I decided to switch the nutes in my flower room to jungle juice 3...
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    whats the best way to quiet my inline fan

    hey all , wondering how i can quiet my inline fan ? i have a tornado 6 " inline fan .. coming from a mountain air 6 " filter
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    having issues with one plant , death on lower branches

    hey all , i was into a salt issues a week ago , and i flushed the heck out of the containers with water ph'd to 5.8 . I am growing in a sunshine mix # 4 coco mix . my nutes are flora duo , 300ppm part a and 500 ppm part b , im in the very end of the 2nd week of bud . I am having an issue...
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    is this boytris ? 1st week of flower

    hey all this strian is giving me a hard time , growing kalishnakov , exadous cheese , and pure kush all from green house seeds . Im feeding them 800 ppm of flora nova grow , its a one part organic based nute . and about 5 ml per gal cal / mag.. the only ones that show bad leaf death is the...
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    wondering whats wrong with my plants

    hey all , i was wondering if anyone could help me determine what i am not adding or adding to much of to my nutes .. I feed flora nova , one part ..i dont know the ec , but i've been mixing 1.25 ml per 19 liters .. says on the bot around 800ppm . I had a salt issue i believe , so i flushed with...
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    pale yellow leafs with purple tips please help

    hey all can anyone help me with this issue , i will post a pic of my nutes , im running sunshine mix #4 , coco coir .. A couple are mixed together .. The ph is always set to 6.0 .. My ppm is around 800 to 1000 .. My humidity jumped up to 70 but have the dehumidifyer in now getting it back to...
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    building a new room , check out the progress and drop some advice

    here is a before and after of my room , its 9x9 with 2" thick foam thats r5 . with plastic and sound proof insulation on celing with grow plastic and normal insulation on the walls .. except the end .. my room was 9 x 15 but i built a wall at 9 feet because i didnt want a bigger room yet .. I...
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    Has anyone seen these hydro systems before ?

    I was wondering if anyone has seen these before , how they work , and are they worth the money . Also does anyone know of a DIY journal to build on of these ?
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    quick coco / soil question

    Hey all I have a basic question , I have my new moms started in sunshine mix #4 , they are in small beer cups , would it hurt to mix that with my coco when i transfer them to the 3 gal pots ? I was wondering if anyone has heard of grow tech , coco earth ?
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    building new room , need some advice

    I was wondering if i could get some input on my new room , I just finished up my last dirt grow . I want to build a drip system to automate my watering , im getting sick of watering a bunch of plants by hand . Here is a pic of my room , and my new sealed light , my lights are all 1000w hps & mh...
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    help with new plants .. grown from seed

    hey all , i am having an issue with two of my 17 plants , they are only 1 month old , can anyone help shed some light on the seen ? the light green is a pure kush , the round fan leaves is a kalishnakov . the other is a exoudus cheese .. they are from green house seeds , i also have a pure...
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    new seeds one month old , please check out

    Hey all just started these seeds one month ago , any advice would be appericated , they are exodus cheese , pure kush , kalishnakov , and afganie .. the first 3 are green house , and the affie is from jordan of the islands .. only 2 of the 10 sprouted , but all the gh seeds sprouted awsome ...
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    plant issues in final stages of bud , please help

    hello all , I am having these issues with a couple plants in my grow . I have fed them all the same but am only having issues with a couple .. I have checked for root aphids , but cannot see any . here are some pics . I fed them gh cool bloom a week ago . and have been flushing them ever since...
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    harvesting , nest technique

    hey all , ive been tring the search option , but i dont think i am having any luck . so here is my question , i think that there are 4 plants of my batch that are ready , but i plan on flushing starting now , also i was wondering what is the best technique to harvest . humidity and temp ??? air...
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    harvest question check it out

    hello all i have a harvest question . i am in week 7 of bud mode , i was wondering that when i harvest , if i chop all my big buds , and leave the bottoms for another week or 2 will they get bigger ?