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    Black spots just before flushing

    mildew or another fungal issue
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    Welp. Time to hang it up

    do you know anyone firsthand who is growing out these same cuts with better luck? to me, this is the most likely source of the problem. my advice: heat treatments aspirin new quarantined stock, from seed. another location if you can.. i feel your pain. like other posters have said, if...
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    Welp. Time to hang it up

    you say you shut down for 2 months, did you start back up using the same stock?
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    Are These From Mites?

    definitely spider mites. you can use organics and horiticultural oils to make it through the run but unless you want to invest in some serious pesticides, i recommend tossing everything and starting fresh from seed. bleach and heat treat room + equipment. alternatively you can invest in...
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    Dudded, Stunted, and Runted plants...
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    Took The Plunge To Grow Rdwc In The Rec Market.

    did you figure out the damping off issue that you posted about a few months back?
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    Plants Drooping With Diy Uc Rdwc

    i guarantee this is an issue that came with the cut.
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    Uniseals, Difficulty Installing And Removing

    lots of options on amazon and ebay. the gaskets on the cheaper ones seem to rot/crack pretty quick with exposure to bleach. but that doesnt make them leak.
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    What's Wrong With My Plants?

    dang, lost a large edit to my last post! what i mean to say is, have you grown successfully in dwc with this strain before? the some dying-some pearly white & fishboning root thing looks a lot like what i've had before. i really don't think it's caused by pythium. the guy i got the cut from...
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    What's Wrong With My Plants?

    how did you get these plants to start? clones?
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    Uniseals, Difficulty Installing And Removing

    use bulkheads. it's difficult to get perfectly round holes for the uniseals, and the buckets seem much more prone to splitting over time (from the hole) vs. bulkheads. the container material makes a big difference in success and failure with them i've learned. tips for uniseals: -using a...
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    Dudded, Stunted, and Runted plants...

    sadly i'm also feeling like a member of the club here. have had GG since late '14, it was a stellar & near automatic performer for a year and a half. after going to fully sealed rooms, i had a few whoppers with GG, and then things started going down hill. i had several monocrops that were...
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    Premature Orange Hairs

    anyone have any idea about this spotting? i found several leaves with tiny patches like this and ended up spending hours scoping fan after fan after fan leaf. the buds themselves look fairly developed, not sure what day you're in. could be early maturation; could be that they get...
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    Could Cold Res Change Cause Root Rot?

    i know it's going against the consensus here but, here's my experience. i store my RO water in 275s and the temps can vary some. 60-80. can't say this has ever caused an issue. i recently had a period of 60f type weather (followed by 10-20f), so i started my seasonal changeover a little...
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    Could I Please Get A Little Help With Deficiency i forgot there was a java version. that's a spreadsheet that lets you do up to 7 at once.
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    Could I Please Get A Little Help With Deficiency

    DR.GT., i mainly use it later in flower trying to supplement Mg & S without using more bloom component. how much you should use is hard to answer, start with a little. i.e., 1g per 10-20 gal. but really it depends on what your overall EC is and what your profile looks like. i shake it up in a...
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    Could I Please Get A Little Help With Deficiency

    t-bone, on mine what i do is 1st go under the 'guaranteed analysis' tab and fill in all the stuff. then go under 'solution mix' tab and it will display it all for you so you don't have to manually add it up. the other variable is the weight of the solution. weigh 100ml and take 1/100th of...
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    Could I Please Get A Little Help With Deficiency

    i use rdwcs, modeled somewhat like the UC setups but i don't have a 'reservoir' like in the UC systems. i call it my rez but you guys call them an 'epi'. also, my pump doesn't pump thru my chiller, 1/2hp arctica chiller cools a master cooling reservoir (chest freezer) which has little pumps...
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    Could I Please Get A Little Help With Deficiency

    yep, especially if you don't have stretch limiting factors, the stuff will never support itself. domino effect will flatten the whole canopy in a day. the irony is, i was still turning out fire GG crops that were falling over, retrofitting a string net several runs in a row. i put in another...
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    Could I Please Get A Little Help With Deficiency

    i just realized i didn't have grams per mL for the floraduo so my numbers are a little low, but the ratios should be pretty close.