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    420 cup 2010

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone else will be over at the 420 cup in Amsterdam this year? Got to have a smoke with quite a few guys on here would be cool to do it again. So who else is gonna be there? I'm there 18th till the 21st peace mello
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    Landrace kushes

    I've been looking into seed companies specialising in landrace strains. I see alot of tropical sativas and nepalese and hymalayan strains but I haven't come across many kush lines. The only ones I've found are from world of seeds and get bad reviews. Does anyone have idea why this is? Seems...
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    Keeping pH stable in rez

    At the moment I'm having to keep a check on the pH of my rez every day or at most every other. I'm using canna coco range with boost etc. I'm also using their grow pH-. I find if I check the next day it has often risen too high. I know that I have very hard water in my area but I can't...
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    1000W setup in the UK

    I've started LSTing my plants more into bushes than I used to and from reading around it sounds like upgrading from a 600 to a 1000 would be better for this type of growing. I'm in a 1.2x1.2m secret jardin. However it seems 1000W lights arn't so popular over here in the UK, is there are...
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    Canna Boost and pk 13/14 in soil?

    I have to move soon so I'm just starting to flower out my mothers as they are too big for the move. there are all just in multi purpose compost. I will be giving them biobizz grow and bloom. They are about 10 days into flower so far. From my coco grow I have left over abit of boost and laods of...
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    Hey Hey

    Hey guys, Well I'm new here so Ithought I should drop a quick hello in here first. Not been growing all that long, been around on some other forums for some time though. Look forward to talkin to all the THC Farmer peeps soon!