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    How much longer
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    How much longer you think
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    Not a great picture but what do you think is wrong with these leaves getting a little brown on the edges
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    Can I use Honey as a cloning gel?
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    I have some clothes that have very big leaves and do not look like even like a marijuana plant why
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    Why do these clone leaves look so much different than regular cannabis leave. At least I think so
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    am I ready yet trichomes are clear to cloudy. Hard to tell. I only have a 7 power I look. Bottom branches are starting to dry out a bit. Here are some pics
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    will my plant be ok tonight? Suppose to be 50 degrees
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    Can I use a led shop light for indoors. Cheaper than grow lights. Curious
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    Im looking at bringing in my single plant that is doing well outside. Im going to put it on a 12/12 lighting. what size lumens should I use. I heard 5000 lumens
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    What kind of flying bug is purplish.small skinny thing. Any ideas
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    i have a street light by my house. will i still flower and bud ok
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    What do you think
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    Fan leaves

    I hear different views on fan leaves. Are you suppose to get rid of some?
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    Bad storm last night. Knocked over something on my deck and broke a nice branch off. Duct taped it but I don't think it's going to make it
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    Pot size

    Can I get away with using this pot until it's fully grown
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    This is only on a couple leaves but my plant is doing great and I really want what's best for my baby. Look close at little spots.
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    Anything wrong with just keeping them in a 5-gallon pot. What's the issue if I keep it in a 5-gallon pot
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    Fan leaves

    Thin leaves seem a little droopy. What do you think. I water it once a day
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    I have aplant with purplelish stems. Why is that so