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  1. patchgrower

    Patchgrowers Patch

    well its getting to crunch time. buds are swelling . i love it. first plant is granddaddy purple. next is hog. then pain killer. this is an unknown but has some beautiful blue colors. next ones are blueberry cough which get really blue after the first frost. next is dark angel which i...
  2. patchgrower

    Outdoor Grow 2018

    well the buds are starting to time of the year. here's some shots of the girls. first up is timewarp second pic is timewarp in middle, and super skunk on the left, and king tut on the right. next up is blueberry from dutch passion. next is an unknown. and royal skunk. next is...
  3. patchgrower

    Outdoor Shots

    here's some shots of the girls this week.this is an unknown plant. next is the grand daddy. purple had to stake it . kept falling over. photo above and two below are fresian dew next is the hog next is a shot of the root that split.still looks ok this one is pain killer. next is...
  4. patchgrower

    Quantum Boards

    good morning people.i'm setting up a new room and was wondering if anybody could steer me in the right direction, as to what to buy for quantum boards to fill about a 5x5 area. area is actually 10x7 but have 4- 315-lec for the corners. looking to fill in the middle.any suggestions would be...
  5. patchgrower

    Patchgrowers Patch

    good morning what a growing season. thought i'd throw in a few pics of the outside girls. also a couple of shots of the new room under construction.hope to have it running by oct. govt gave the wife a weed licence now so can grow twice as much. happy day.