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  1. Chowfarms

    Question about high temps during flower with co2 supplementation

    Hey y’all. I run an 8-burner CO2 generator in my flower room during the cooler months and decided to try firing it back up last night. My room isn’t sealed and I run a 10” exhaust on a controller set to kick on at 88 degrees. I also have an 8” constantly pumping in fresh air. My CO2...
  2. Chowfarms

    Thca Crystals (bho)

    Some thca crystals I made a few years ago before this tech blew up. Made with medical grade 70/30 n-tane/pane. Single pass, no dewax. Just super cold solvent nothing fancy :D. Took lots of trial and error. Very little information online at that point in time. Cheers
  3. Chowfarms

    Scott’s Gro Water Sensor - Anyone Use These?

    Just stumbled across these fancy WiFi water sensors made by Scott’s. Only $99.99 for the starter kit and one sensor and then $39.99 for each additional sensor. There’s an app you download on your smartphone and it notifies you when your plants hit a certain moisture level. You can add up to 32...
  4. Chowfarms

    Clementine Looking Underdeveloped For Day 30 Flower...

    I apologize in advance if this isn’t the appropriate sub forum for this but my Clementine girls are looking a little underdeveloped for day 30, especially compared to the other strains in this room. I looked all over for other grows running clem and found nothing that helped. They seem to be...
  5. Chowfarms

    High Feeding Frequency Question..

    What’s up guys. I saw capulator mention that he is feeding 20 seconds every hour and his plants are loving it. I love the idea of constantly replenishing oxygen and nutrients, but I know my set up is far from optimal and am skeptical about it working for me. When I feed I run my pumps for 2min...
  6. Chowfarms

    Extreme Grow Room Makeover- 8430w Of Scrog

    Hey y’all, I’ve been lurking for a few months now, decided it was finally time to make a journal to document this next round and to hopefully get some pointers from some of the OG’s on here(I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time, this forum is the shit)! For this next round I’ll...