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  1. skunky nugz

    Blue Moon (Local Pacific NW Nute Company Wa State)Cheap

    I first started off almost 5 years ago using there 2 part grow and 2 part bloom along with some nitrozyme folior spray with penatrator and got some of by biggest yields yet. They have now came out with a bunch of products. Most are listed on there website but not all of them yet. I have there...
  2. skunky nugz

    Skunky Nugz Grow N Breeding Lab 2012

    Well started my thread but the update lost my last 2 weeks of my grow log. Right now most my strains are in veg and in flower I have some Jilly Bean, Querkle, and Jack The Ripper all from subcool. The Jilly Bean was sourced from Tacoma where they sell his beans and supposedly its his pheno he...
  3. skunky nugz

    Hello Skunky Nugz!

    Hey guys im not new to the site I lost my pw to my account somehow when I formatted I had it saved and have no clue wtf i made it. I only use a certain amount of pw's but whatever time to start out new! I got mad pics to post just need to get my 10 post! Got some Ken's Grand Daddy Purp's...