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    Tunnel Cali To Mexico

    Im sorry but i cant be offended when someone from the "Sunnyvale trailer park" calls Mexicans.... beaners( yes its spelled "bean"<<< kind of weird that my brown ass speaks better English than you.) America F*ck yeah....
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    La eme fire og

    ha ha I bet AB would even laugh at the kid and call him a dumb white kid...REAL recognize REAL and like I said some kid slangin bud in the Burbs and has a Goodfellas poster hanging on his walls ( I've seen it lol) a dumb ass white kid. And Ill your genius ass keeps confusing...
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    La eme fire og

    You dont know what you are talking about... MM and Cartels are 2 different beasts. The whole point some people are trying to get across is... If you're not part of that GAME and could carless about gangsters..why start a thread dropping their name and saying u got "their" cut?
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    La eme fire og

    hey i know a couple punks that live there coincidence....i dont think so!!!! ha ha Im not mad at those TO kids.. Im just saying their imagination runs wild sometimes and they think they are G's...
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    La eme fire og

    Im not saying Im mad that a cut left a certain groups hands or anything like that... I just made a joke that the person who dry snitched was probably a white kid from Thousand Oaks.
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    La eme fire og

    a brown kid would know better....:big_boss:
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    La eme fire og

    I'm would bet a bill that it was a white kid posting this...:lipssealed
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    Warning Santa Cruz Locals!!!

    Didnt "BodhiSeeds" say right here on the farm that he dropped off his collection of Subcool seeds there?
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    Prop 8 overturned!!

    or "macho" men have learned not to hate themself if they feel attracted to another man :makeup... and lets not even begin to talk about America and its hyper-masculine...homo-erotic culture
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    "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal".

    What was wrong with immigrants in 1998...1999...2000...2001...2002...2003....2004....2005...2006...2007...2008...2009????
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    "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal".

    If you want to solve a problem you have to find the root of it. If you look at the new business models companies are planning on implementing you'll see. How can these companies that are laying off hard working "REAL" Americans be starting to pull in massive profits??? In regards to the...
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    "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal".

    That argument doesn't make sense Lost.. How did such a massive amount of ppl live here for so long... SIMPLE.. They did unskilled manual labor jobs for dirt cheap... the economy was ran into the ground now "real" Americans are feeling the crunch.. what is the easiest solution? Kick out the...
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    "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal".

    What do you do with a labor force that is no longer needed...not only that, but a labor force that is the "other", people who are morally corrupt and "savage"... well you deport them. Why does this sound so familiar, anyone????????
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    "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal".

    NVM... wrong one :D
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    when does the outdoor season start in

    I'm pretty sure that june 21 was the longest day of the year, so now sunlight hours will be declining. Your plants should be starting to flower now.
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    Mr. Nice Film Trailer (Howard Marks)

    it was supposed to be out already, does ne one know what happened?
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    USA is not a democracy

    A country created in violence....goes down in violence. karma?:help:
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    Sannie's Shop first purchase experience!!

    yup just got some chocolope x cocoa kush, with chemd x true blueberry as my freebie and then some nycd with a jackberry cross as a freebie!!! A++ service
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    c0ast's DHK Pure Kush

    Did you ever call this one Lucky Charms OG?
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    Old School SuperSkunk

    PO in Van Nuys has it as Sensi Stock from the Early 90's... cant remember the exact year but thats what they posted awhile back.