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    Switch To Autopot?

    I'm doing a blue dream grow in coco in a 1.5 gallon pot inside a 3X3X6 tent. I didn't think I was going to have issues with 2 feeds/waters a day but I am running in to problems on work days. Thinking of transplanting to a 4 gallon autopot. I am just not sure about watering from the bottom...good...
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    How Long Can I Save Mixed Nutes?

    I don't think that I'll be too concerned then. Maybe just double check the ph first. Thanks for the replies. Happy growin'
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    How Long Can I Save Mixed Nutes?

    Hi all,new to this whole growing thing. 1 quick question, can i mix my nutes and use half in the morning and the other half when i get home in the evening? i'm growing in a 1.6 gallon pot so just looking ahead to 2 feedings a day.