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  1. AKFrost

    L-amino Acids In Hydroponic Systems

    L- amino acids seems like it would be awesome to try out. I found Harley Smith talking about its Benefits in this video. Here is the link
  2. AKFrost

    Lucas Formula

    I'm wondering the same thing m8ty. I've been looking into the Lucas formula and wondering if I should try it or Mel Franks flora feeding schedule next? I've been trying a bunch of different feeding schedules lately for flora series. Not really a noob to growing as I've been doing it for yrs. but...
  3. AKFrost

    Ph And Ppm Both Rising

    P.S. PH did start to stabilize more when I dropped the strength of my nutrients. It might have been a little unstable for me due to the size of my resavour being small. I was running a modified Captn style grow. Two large plants in 15gal res. Keep me posted on how it goes and best of luck to ya
  4. AKFrost

    Ph And Ppm Both Rising

    I use Recharge and GH and have noticed the same issues with it. The plants love it and just pray to the light the next day after giving it to them. I too had to drop the ppm of my nutrients. I believe the issue with the ppm I was seeing is due to the fact Beneficial bacteria makes nutrients more...
  5. AKFrost

    Transplanting To 6x6 Rockwool

    I use Recharge every time I transplant and at least once a week at any time during growth. Works awesome! Plants love it, the leaves reach almost straight for the light the day after feeding it to them. Thanks to the Capn at the dudegrows show for this one. Here is a link on how he uses it...
  6. AKFrost

    Help With Rock Wool Please!!

    Hello, normally you shouldn't have to flush when using rockwool if you are getting the proper runoff when you water/ feed. If you have to flush for problematic reasons. Go with a low ppm. Otherwise I never flush until harvest time is near. Some ppl flush. I know greenhouseseeds flushes on the...
  7. AKFrost

    Flushing Ebb/flow

    I haven't grown in an ebb and flow. But I used to grow in top feed setup that looks kinda like yours. I found a thread that had the same question as you. Here is the link to it.
  8. AKFrost

    Mystery Mites?
  9. AKFrost

    Mystery Mites?

    I think you maybe right with that post guymandude. Sucks cause I won't be able to get all my strains back. After my experiments yesterday I found these pests are most likely bulb mites due to there resistance and sight. I tested floramite sc, azamax, neem oil, 70% iso alcohol mixed at 50/50 and...
  10. AKFrost

    Mystery Mites?

    I think they are bulb mites or could be mould mites. I posted more info on what's going on in another thread I found on bulb mites in the cannabis infirmary section. But since I use H2O2 at every res change. I don't think that's what they would be. They do seem to like the alge on top of the...
  11. AKFrost

    Mystery Mites?

    I meant to say root afids not root mites, sorry about that. They don't really look similar I think. I don't think they are russet mites either. I found a video on YouTube for identifying russet mites. Already ahead of you on that one Yesterday I went and got some Azamax and bomb to...
  12. AKFrost

    Bulb Mites?? WTF!?

    I forgot to tell you. I grow in a reculating system. A slightly modified Captn style grow setup. 1000w air cooled HPS. Feed/flush for 15 min once a day using GH, temps are 65-75, humidity is 40-65%, I used growweedeasy's feed schedule the last couple times around and when I tried to fix the...
  13. AKFrost

    Bulb Mites?? WTF!?

    Hello everyone! Good read on this thread right here. There is more info here on bulb mites than anywhere else on the web it seems like. I recently have come across this same looking pest in my root zone. I have been researching and posting questions about what is in my media for a while now on...
  14. AKFrost

    Mystery Mites?

    Hello everyone, I am new here and have come across a problem with my grow. I have been experiencing slowed growth, seems like a constant cal/ mag def, nutrient, humidity, and temp sensitivities in all my strains. I believe I have Bulb Mites but it seems there are eggs on the undersides of my...