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  1. Samwell

    What I'm Working On

    in the making - Blood Orange BX1 and Blood Orange x GG#4 BX1 f2s (my current favorite vape)
  2. Samwell

    Baked Beanz

    Deep Breath - Alien Breath (Hilltop Genes) X (GG# 4 X Mendobreath) (Uprising) "Super creamy berry flavour with a burnt rubber background and incredibly smooth." if anyone has any questions about my beanz go ahead and fire away
  3. Samwell

    Popped 2 Sour Bubble

    Was in the right place at the right time and was able to purchase a pack of SBs from our favorite Bushy Grower. Popped 2 seeds at the beginning of the month and they germinated perfectly and are already sturdy little buggers. Can't grow very much at the same time (nor do I need to) so we'll...
  4. Samwell

    Cbd In Male Plants ?

    just a question - do male plants have cbd ??
  5. Samwell

    Super Summer 2015

    line up for this summer 2015 indoor - 2 sour bubble 2 flaming cookies outdoor - 1 northern light blue 1 pineapple chunk already outside 1 black cream auto and 4 clones - 1 cookie kush, 1 cream caramel, 1 male black cream X AK47 and 1 female black cream X AK47 I'm psyched ! Seeds started...
  6. Samwell

    Nightmare Cookies ??

    just received pack of Nightmare Cookies seeds (from Attitude) and as the label is misspelled just wondering if they are legit ?? pumped to start them this spring
  7. Samwell

    Cross With Auto

    I crossed a female auto Black Cream with a male AK47 and this is what is now growing. Do these leaves come from the ruderalis ? The Black Cream is described as a cross between Cream Caramel (non-auto) and an auto flowering purple with Pakistani Kush ancestors.
  8. Samwell

    Cream Caramel Slow Grow

    Caramel Cream popped a few days ago. Will do with CFLs and LEDs, but it will be slow as it's cold (40s - 50s) in my garage where I'm going to be doing it. day 3
  9. Samwell

    Ok I'll Stop Lurking

    Been lurking for a few months now but have decided to join in. Try not to ask too many newbie questions but that's what we're here for - to learn together. Grew in a closet when I was a kid ( a few years ago ...) but have started again and definitely been bitten by the bug. Such beautiful...