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    The Abyss

    Good looking stuff my brother. Guess no one needs to ask if you got milk
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    Some Old c99/NL , Chemdawg and ECSD

    Hey Rob thanks Let me label them first shot is Chemdawg then ECSD chemdawg and NL a shot of some trimed buds from ECSD and last a current shot of the C99/NL
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    The Abyss

    Still Got them sherijuana beans if you like CC also some blue 13 hybrids and stuff' Mad props Dr Evil
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    Some Old c99/NL , Chemdawg and ECSD

    Hey CC Thanks for stopping by ! I have something I am told to give U when I see you.:} Jaws I plan on letting the c99/nl go a full 10 weeks..2 more to go. Shes looking thick and like the real deal. Kind Blessings
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    Some Old c99/NL , Chemdawg and ECSD

    Hey Friends Its been awhile since I have been able to show off my small soil closet grow . I always use FoxFarms soil and this round nothing but pureblend pro grow bloom , liquid karma and budzsewll. These cuts were sent to me as little tads almost nothing but a root but they have done...
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    Grand Opening Friday Aug 13

    Props and Blessings
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    first super silver haze led grow!

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    OE and The White/Bubba By Moth

    Here we go . They are starting to thicken up. Many Blessings
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    OE and The White/Bubba By Moth

    They are TG Many Blessings and Do it to it Bro Thanks
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    OE and The White/Bubba By Moth

    Hey Friends I have these girls flowering now for two weeks. Slow but sure. Many Blessings First the OE then The white/Bubba
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    head seeds

    Top Notch Thick colas Holding on to some G13/D in the safe. Blessings
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    OE and The White/Bubba By Moth

    Here we go Friends OE then The White/Bubba
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    Mace's nepalese highland test grow

    Looking Forward to it Mace :scared0016:
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    OE and The White/Bubba By Moth

    Hey Peeps :smiley_joint: I was fortunate to be able to get OG Rascals The white/Bubba as well as Billy Goats OE thanks to being here at THC Farmer. Kudos and Thank U for all the Vibes along the Way. Blessings
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    Purple Kush

    Kudos all da way Ocan
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    Billy mays found dead

    Did he ever get to pitch that magic windshield wiper?
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    Very impressed with the gorilla grape!!!

    Glued In on This one Kudos
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    Dairy Queen aka Dank#1 @ 63 days

    That does look like some Kind. Kinda does scream c99 from a couple of the pics. Enjoy and Kudos
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    The White x bubba kush (pre 98)?

    Anything is possible inheritwind. However I have never had a problem with fem beans untill I tried DNAs Kushberry. Expensive Mistake.
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    TK Runnin soil...WTF???

    Be safe and Happy My Friend DAGGA we will again chief out one day. Use and abuse that lava pipe for me Bro