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  1. jessejames12345

    True Blooms: What Is It And What Does It Do For Your Plants?

    Is there a shelf life , or storage requirements ? Ive got a bottle Ive had for a few years and still have hardly made a dent in it ;)
  2. jessejames12345


    The #15 cut is around. Pretty hard to find but I managed to track it down in so cal .. cost a pretty penny though. Im pretty sure the seed stock that made the 'winners' from MB are long gone. Even the new stock from a couple years ago didnt make many winners that I know of.
  3. jessejames12345

    searching 4 best clones in LA

    Allstar clones. Or Black sheep if you can get in there.
  4. jessejames12345

    Garlic Breath Journal

    Just checkd' out your feed. There looking pretty hot dude. Nice work !
  5. jessejames12345

    Garlic Breath Journal

    Have you harvested or had any tester nugs of the puta or garlic ? Was about to invest in more seeds and those are both on my list . Cheers ! Jj
  6. jessejames12345

    Cannabis For Cancer

    @tina2017 - Do you live in a med state ? Growing and creating your own oil will take longer than you want to wait I'm sure. The idea is to try and get to 1gram a day - have you heard of the Budwig regiment for dosing canna oil ? It includes a few other foods that help to reduce the 'high' from...
  7. jessejames12345

    2kw Hps 4x8 Tent

    It will be too hot with an 8 foot tent . I use 2 DE1000 ( running @ 600watts ) , aircooled hoods, and 9 foot high tent , with AC, and I still have to start flowering @ 36 " Love the set up , but they do get REAL hot.
  8. jessejames12345

    Official Clones In Los Angeles

    The seem to have Triangle as well . Anyone know the legitimacy ? I might have to try a few ..... Peace Jj
  9. jessejames12345

    Jj 's 2014 Seed Haul, What Too Pop?

    Adub pics tomorrow!
  10. jessejames12345

    Jj 's 2014 Seed Haul, What Too Pop?

    Grease 5 My favorite as far as bud structur.. nice crystal crystaly spears Of sweet meat
  11. jessejames12345

    Jj 's 2014 Seed Haul, What Too Pop?

    Grease 4 I disregard this one cause she was a slow vegr and it sat under all the others. Too bad cause now the smells are real dank rubber and sour.. Im happy I didn't cull it!
  12. jessejames12345

    Jj 's 2014 Seed Haul, What Too Pop?

    Grease 3 - cherrypie leaner.. Smells of pinesap
  13. jessejames12345

    Jj 's 2014 Seed Haul, What Too Pop?

    More pics today of Grease 3, 5 And the Adubs I'll probably get too pic wise tomorrow. All in all, at LEAST 1 keeper in each of these strains so far, if not more. Peace! Jj
  14. jessejames12345

    Jj 's 2014 Seed Haul, What Too Pop?

    Holy shit nothing like not following up on a thread Luckily I'll get right to the good stuff. 4 Grease females and 5 Adub females About 2-3 weeks from harvest As a refresher the Grease is Cherry pie * trestardawg Adub is Sour Dub * aliendawg Both strains have been easy easy to grow, with...
  15. jessejames12345

    Franchise: Cherry Diesel

    I'm running a pack of Alien sour Dub and have not seen a nan or sack. I HAVE seen a shit tone of crystal coverage on everything. Also a Lot of phenos variation.. one of the stretchy phenos has similar leaf weirdness too your there kid Kid. I'm pretty sure there will be 2' keepers' out of...
  16. jessejames12345

    Heavy 16 User Superthread

    FYI I used my H16 with Socal tapwater this run ( ran through a simple garden hose declorination filter ($25) My plants seem none the worse for wear and I'm not wasting GALLONS of water with the RO machine Cheers!
  17. jessejames12345

    Grave Digger Seeds - Wicked Queen

    Cool packaging! I've been looking for a log of this strain!
  18. jessejames12345

    Our Strawberries...4 pheno types!

    Sour Strawberry tester nug - cant wait to taste her ! FAST finisher 50 somethin days !
  19. jessejames12345

    What seed Company best represents the original OG Kush?

    I'd say cannarados white og crosses could have some absolute gems..
  20. jessejames12345

    Franchise Genetics

    Apparition sounds sick. Ghost og*alientech. Yikes! Have fun!