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  1. jessejames12345

    New Study Shows Pg When Vaped Releases Formaldehyde

    I think I'm going to stay away from mixing oil with PG to put in my O-Pen after reading this . Too bad , cause its such a simple process and I love this little pen . "Formaldehyde is a known degradation product of propylene glycol that reacts...
  2. jessejames12345

    Jj 's 2014 Seed Haul, What Too Pop?

    Well now that 2014 is upon us, It's time to chew through some of the seeds I picked up last year. I've got a 4 * 4 plot set aside with its own 1000w DE too hunt with, while the other areas ( 4 other 4*4 plots) run production meds. I caregive for 4 people, who are currently all on an Og...
  3. jessejames12345

    hood / reflector choice for DE Ushios . AC/DE or AdjustaWing

    Hey farm fam :) Does anyone have much experience with the AC/DE hood for the new DE bulbs ? I will be in a 4* 8 tent space and will be adding 2 lamps over coco beds . I've decided on a gorilla tent with the roof extension so I will have the full 8 feet height . Do the AC/DE hoods actually...
  4. jessejames12345

    VIP kush brand clones ?

    Well the time has come to hunt out more clones . Last time I thought I got GSC , Wrong , before that , was supposed to be an OG ( guy swore up and down he' flowed it for years ) .. well that was Wrong too Unfortunately I don't know anyone around here in LA to get just 1 legit OG clone . even...
  5. jessejames12345

    Power Diesel ??

    Hey Sin City , any more info on this strain ? Sounds so killer I had to pick up a pack . This and your other new releases Please do tell if you have any more details Peace ! JJ
  6. jessejames12345

    clone queen ?

    They seem to have a lot of OG s Id like to try , but looking through the descriptions makes me a litle suspect. Has anyone grown clones from the 'clone queen ' ? Cheers ! Jj
  7. jessejames12345

    Caps forums gone ?

    I know the site was updated ( love the new format btw ) Did we lose Caps forums ? Or have I possibly not dug deep enough ; ) Cheers ! Jj
  8. jessejames12345

    Small med grow-White,BlackberyK + Jedi,True,Fire,Larry&Skywalker OG.

    this is a small (legal) med grow. only 12 babies right now but i've managed to round up a nice salad of so called 'rare' OG and cali kush strains...gonna see how they all square up, whats real , whats not...hopefully they all live up to the 'hype'. Im interested in how the 'classic' named...