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  1. Growster240

    Growster Diary

    Day 72 Hey guys, it's been a while. Shortly after the last post, we had to move the grow to a new location. We were about to just give up but it felt like abandoning a child, so we couldn't. We moved the plants just when a photoperiod ended. We covered them with black garbage bags to fuck as...
  2. Growster240

    Growster Diary

    Day 33 Alright, guys. I was able to snag a few pictures a couple of days ago but never came around to uploading them. Figured it would be a good day to upload it today. They are doing very well, actually. We decided to flip the BLOOM switch now as well, as they seem to enter flowering. What a...
  3. Growster240

    Growster Diary

    Thank guys for your support. Yeah, I hope so too, even though we haven't come super far in the grow, there's still some time, money and energy put into it. Cool. Will be fun to see how it all turns out. Hopefully, there will be some new pictures for you to inspect in about a week :) Will...
  4. Growster240

    Growster Diary

    Day 26 The left plant has taken the lead again. It has a different morphology and I am not sure why. They both have the same of everything but has advanced differently. I am not able to check on the plants very often as it is some distance away from where I live, only once or twice a week. To...
  5. Growster240

    Growster Diary

    Thanks man!
  6. Growster240

    Growster Diary

    The first pictures are 4 days after they were transplanted to pots from toilet paper. In the second post, they are 13 days. In this post, they are 19 days old. Thought I might add that, lol. They are absolutely increasing in volume. The left one still has a lead over the right one, although it...
  7. Growster240

    Leaves Getting Yellow - Help! :o

    Well yeah, It was late at night and I haven't been posting many pictures earlier. Just think it was a cool way of experimenting, with results that could definitely help me. If It's to no use I can remove it again :)
  8. Growster240

    Leaves Getting Yellow - Help! :o

    I found a guy on Reddit recently that does experiments with deficiencies. I'm not an expert in any way, just thought you might have some use for it. I saved the pictures from his experiments for my own future use. Hope it helps Edit: whoops, didn't mean to post pictures this large and flood the...
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    4th Grow Coco W/autopots

  10. Growster240

    Growster Diary

    They are gaining mass. One is a bit smaller than the other, but they say that the turtle always wins over the rabbit. We'll see! I am currently only using the blue/veg switch on the lamp.
  11. Growster240

    Growster Diary

    I'm helping a friend in need to grow some weed and I thought I may as well do a diary. Super Skunk Auto in 20L pots The lamp is a Z5 from
  12. Growster240

    Crinkling Leaves During Seedling Stage

    If you are worried about intensity, 2" or 3" higher, will do plenty.
  13. Growster240

    1st Grow New Custom Room - Looking And Listening

    We win or we learn, always keep experimenting :)
  14. Growster240

    First Grow. Very Basic

    That looks awesome. Do you have a link to the bulbs?
  15. Growster240

    Gg4 X Cbh/nl5 Grow Diary

    Nice leaves! 400w burp, which one? :)
  16. Growster240

    Thoughts On The Platinum P9-xml2

    This light is not very far off from a fluence light, design-wise. I found this video to be very informative, you should at least check it out. If I were to get a new light I would absolutely have a go at building it. There are tons of experienced people here, and on other forums, if help is...
  17. Growster240

    The New Project

    I've had good results recently with just putting a bucket of water in the corner of the tent and also some small bowls. Might not be the best way to do it but I went from 38% to 55-65%. My tent is 2,5' x 2,5' x 5'. I have no ventilation, though.
  18. Growster240

    My Continuous Journal

    Awesome stuff, looks like Christmas in there. How's the smell?
  19. Growster240

    Growmau5 Puck Vs Plc Photo Boost

    From my understandings, plants stretch because of lacking intensity. Or plants outdoors reaching for the sun would be hella leggy, lol. Good luck with the lights!
  20. Growster240

    Thoughts On The Platinum P9-xml2

    Not really, just done some research. The fifth "picture" in the listing is a video. And while this is not for your particular fixture/model, it doesn't seem very professional or scientific to do the measurements that way. It just gives me an overall bad...