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  1. UClover

    Cultured Solutions: filthy filthy porn

    Everyone will start taking you seriouslly when we see one pic, tissue sample, lab test, etc. Until then your a joke! You should start learning from DS instead of flapping...
  2. UClover

    Cultured Solutions: filthy filthy porn

    Despite all the setbacks...glad to see you back on top and crushing it! Hard work pays off. 1.5-2 gpw and 27% + ....WOW. Can't wait to see you guys hit the 30% mark...
  3. UClover

    12 x 1000 watt XXL 8'x24' SCROG

    Maybe some regular foliar sprays to boost humidity levels and correct deficiencies?
  4. UClover


    My money is on Growstones, the newer batches have a tighter pore size so they don't float. They do hold a lot of water compared to expanded clay pebbles but also air and I think roots can grow in/through them.
  5. UClover

    Noob here with new UC grow in need of a lot of help

    A couple of the finer points: Since your plants are seedlings, take the extra time (6-8weeks) to complete your room correctly. Setting up the system will be the last thing you do. Lay down a pond liner under the syetem, hundreds of gallons on a wood floor will ruin your room. Vibrations from...
  6. UClover

    under current 2 week vegg

    Plants don't look too bad...def experiencing some tip burn. Back off on the nutes and give them some foliar love. Maybe even plain water for a few days to let them take a nice big drank.
  7. UClover

    Need help sizing my chiller for my UC systems

    Only problem I found with the brew store coils in a UC is that they don't fit around the disc in the Epicenter. HI Cool Coils fit perfectly :)
  8. UClover

    What are the best airstones?

    Check out the Oxy-Shields from Deep Water Innovations, they are made of a porous tubing similar to soaker hose. They require a bit more air, but nice bubble size, low back pressure and easy to clean. Also the 9" diffuser disc from Current Culture is badass and used to come standard in some...
  9. UClover

    Has this been done before?

    IMO a mix of vertical and horizontal with mixed spectrums (red/blue) and styles of light (HID, led, plasma, T5) is the way to go if you want to grow trees. Working on a new room with vertical blue 600's, horizontal hps 1000's and mixed t5's hanging vertically around the outside. Flowers grow...
  10. UClover

    Hydro Halo dripper's

    Been using the Halos for a while on a new drip system, after only a few months almost all of the holes are clogged, granted no filter. Good product, just wish they came apart for easy cleaning.
  11. UClover

    Air Pumps

    Shoot for 1 lpm per 1 gallon of water for actively aerated compost teas, agitation and aeration need to be intense to get the best teas. An eco air pump with a couple stones is hardly going to get you what you need. Current Culture H2O has Alita and Hi-Blow air pumps as well as some pretty...
  12. UClover

    UC and humidity

    Got this chart from CCH2O a few years ago, one of the most helpful things I have ever come across..
  13. UClover

    CS vs HG

    Hard to believe a fellow UC user not benefiting from CS nutes... seems like everyone else on here that is using them, myself included, is crushing it? "CS is like un-flushed b-sters overpriced garbage" ...wooo...just cause you're a hater doesn't mean you have to go all HAM on everyone...
  14. UClover

    CS vs HG

    Been using CS for the last 3 runs, switched from DM. Better taste and aroma, more pH stable, lower usage rates. Plus seeing improved yields and flower maturation. Sounds like you're a CC/CS hater with all of your BOLD words. Watered down? Have you really even used CS? The feeding schedule...
  15. UClover

    gUCci crews turn! 20k Adventure...

    Love the adjust-a-wings, and IMO use either RE or Zone, not both.
  16. UClover

    U C Truth's 8,000 watt 16 bucket medicinal grow

    Also think lowering your total amount of lighting will increase your gpw. Maybe 6 x 1000.
  17. UClover

    U C Truth's 8,000 watt 16 bucket medicinal grow

    2 Cents Sorry to chime in at the end of this battle but, it looks like you have made some keen observations... IMO the biggest contributing factor to your low yields is the extremely high levels of humidity in the initial flower stacking and the fact that the plants never made it to the...
  18. UClover

    Do uniseals leak after a while?

    I have been growing in the UC since the original prototypes and haven't had any Uni's leak or fail...most likely scenario is the buckets will fail before the Uni's do. As long as the system stays intact (ie. don't dissassemble) they should last for years. Oh and you could probally buy 4...