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  1. reddwarf

    Pest prevention regiment.

    Can someone share a link or info containing a pest prevention regiment? Thank you
  2. reddwarf

    Leaf Problem

    I was going along fine until this. Can someone please help me identify this. I'm using jack's classic by directions.
  3. reddwarf

    What In "sam Hills" Is Going On Here With These Leaves.

    I was going along fine and now this. Thank you.
  4. reddwarf

    Pest Prevention

    Can someone please tell me how to keep pests such as thrips, mites from getting into the garden. What is a good prevention cycle? Thank you very much. This is such a nightmare.
  5. reddwarf

    Exotic Genetix 60 Days

    this is one of the phenotype. more to come.
  6. reddwarf

    Nute Burn

    I'm a newbie and I have been watering all wrong. I do let the plant dry out before I water but I have not been flushing the old nutes out every time I water. I have been just watering until the top and middle is wet I guess and not letting it drain to waste. I found this out because my leaves...