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    digital ballasts there's the link for all dragon
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    14/10 Light Schedule

    FastForward DJ was talkin about the fact that most Sativa/Sativa dom plants would benefit from expermentation in the light cycle as 18/6 and 12/12 are primarily beneficial to Indica varieties I personally use 18/6 and 12/12 for Indica/Indica dom plants and 13/11 and 11/13 for Sativa/Sativa doms...
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    digital ballasts

    thanks logic great link man and I've found another couple of threads my order is going of 2morrow 600 watt Lumatek with adjust-a-shade and Heat Shield Super Spreader £240 take care
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    digital ballasts

    thanks for the replies OGrower707 and logic I found some stuff about digitals after I had posted this and i'm readin up but it's lookin good thanks again
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    digital ballasts

    Hey all I'm thinkin of gettin a 600 watt Lumatek Digital Ballast with the Super Lumen switch and was wondering if anybody has any experience with them the bumpf looks good but would like to hear from someone that's actually used one are they quiet for instance? do you get increased yield...
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    25 Years Growing Indoors by DJ Short - 1999

    super Great post TexasKid everyone should buy and read the man's book he's one of the very best, loads of great tips and tells it like it used to be when I read chapter 17 "The Heritage Strains" it took me back as his descriptions of the fine weed and hash that we used to get in the 60's/70's...
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    Hey cats Reeferman !

    Welcome to the farm Reeferman hope to see some of you Majour Wreck or Lebanese Hash Plant peace dragon
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    drpressure600 thanks for the welcome and the friend invite:evilgrin
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    computer crashed

    glad you made it back
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    Greetings All

    welcome you'll like it here
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    hey folks

    welcome you'll like it here
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    thanks for the welcome great to be here
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    hello to all farmers from the highlands of scotland looks like a great site you have here have been a long time (40 years) smoker & grower and hoping to make new connections and keep up to date with other growers take care