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    Greetings fellow cannabenthusiats!

    welcome to the farm mate blessed
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    WASSUP from the south

    welcome digdug blessed
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    im new too but welcome to the farm pal!!
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    blessed from the uk!!

    thats the plan!! especially since i carnt get a visa to visit usa!! so many strains never heard of! were to start!!:rastadancing:
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    amsterdam 29/04/09-01/04/09

    just back from a few days in dam queensday was heavy!!! been mainly on the kushes this time!! og [email protected] green place or la [email protected] corner was best smokes off the trip i rekon purple [email protected] place very good too pink [email protected] also nice tried bubba,og and diesel kush from...
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    blessed from the uk!!

    old skool farmer new to the farm!! was recomended to me by a friend at stones corner!! currently growing purple wreck (clones) waldos haze (seed) swazi x cheese (seed) indoor hand watered in canna coco been reading the forums i am really intrested in the usa strains they all totally...