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  1. Galvatron

    Praying Mantis Hatchlings Patroling on Colorado Cherry CBD Hemp

    Hatched this morning in the greenhouse.
  2. Galvatron

    Plants Screaming

    Here is an interesting article about plants emitting ultrasonic screams when stressed.
  3. Galvatron


    Looks like nanners to me. This is a Bora Bora by Sin City Seeds at 8 weeks. I'm just waiting for a few more cloudy trichs. I was hoping for a better fade but this is my first full run with Nectar for the Gods (Greek/Roman) and I may have went a little heavy with the Medusa's Magic. Also, first...
  4. Galvatron

    Microscopic Scans

    These images were taken from Mail Online. The photos were taken by Professor Ted Kinsman from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Their captions are included. Pictured is an image of the top of a cola blade (the solitary leaf that extends out from a large bud). The purple heads in this...