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    Electro-magnetic (IH) power injectors and a need to get rid of ghosts in the machine!

    Perhaps look into modification of existing high power RF amplifiers to your purpose?
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    rainwater ph high

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    What other lights can i combine with LED full spectrum to get my IR and UV?

    For UV fluorescent:
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    Rainwater runoff from roof, tap water, or RO for living soil?

    I'm going through a similar study. It has been discussed recently. Rain, distilled, and R.O. water has no alkalinity buffer. This appears to be an important property affecting soil in containers over time. I suggest you look at the following discussion...
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    PH A Basic explanation

    This is a great thread! Up until recently, I've overlooked "alkalinity" as pH above 7.0. What an "eye opener!" Funny how certain topics come up from different sources. The following video came out a couple days after the start of this post but they were dealing with the same topic. ALKALINITY...
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    Rain water?

    One thing to consider when using rain water on potted plants is that it has no alkalinity. (Same as distilled or R.O.) Over time it could cause the soil pH to drop even if the pH is adjusted. It can be buffered by treating it with calcium carbonate. Alkalinity is different from pH. Hanna makes a...
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    Praying Mantis Hatchlings Patroling on Colorado Cherry CBD Hemp

    Hatched this morning in the greenhouse.
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    Good water filter?

    This is a good one. You will need a storage tank that is pressurized, or a tank with a float valve.
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    Need Help About Sunlight

    If you want to put them out early, get some cheap solar lights that come on at dusk. It won't make them grow but will trick them into thinking the day is longer.
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    It's all good. George Orwell nailed it "Ignorance is Strength"
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    OK. One more time... Look into Coinbase. It is a legit crypto bank in San Francisco. Everyone deals with banks and credit/debit cards so this is no different in that aspect. You can set up an account there and buy/sell several different crypto currencies...
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    Try bitcoin. It's easier than most people think. Anonymous, quick and most seed sellers offer a discount.
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    What can I use for a blast tube

    If you want a new tube, this is "Amazon's Choice."
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    What can I use for a blast tube

    How about a glass turkey baster?
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    Useing everclear to winterize

    Re-posting a link previously mentioned here on the Farm.
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    What features would you want to see in a hydroponic web grow app?

    How about an app that is local PC based? No cloud or internet needed. Phones are convenient but nobody (especially a cloud based app or database) needs to know my IP address!
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    any risk of ordering genetics?

    If you are really paranoid, use bitcoin for payment. You don't have to be a "cryptonut." Just convert enough dollars, rubles, or whatever currency is normal for you to make the purchase. In the USA, research Coinbase. It's a legit exchange that deals with cryptocurrency. Usually, seed banks...
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    Plants Screaming

    Here is an interesting article about plants emitting ultrasonic screams when stressed.
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    Rick Simpsons healing oil, make the medicine!

    You can start by searching Amazon for "lab distillers."