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  1. chemistry

    Nutrient problems!?

    Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today. Sounds like a good plan.
  2. chemistry

    Nutrient problems!?

    What's your run off now?
  3. chemistry

    Nutrient problems!?

    The RO water will drain the colour out of your plants, I'd flush with a weaker nuit strength until your run off comes down, and get your PH up to 6.0.
  4. chemistry

    Can she survive?

    If it was my plant I'd flush it twice over the period of a week with just PH'd water, then feed as normal.
  5. chemistry

    Ansel Adams Hydro Adventures Journal

    Plant on the left looks like it's burning, some long burnt tips. Plant on the right looks fine, but has yellow tips, the first sign.
  6. chemistry

    The garden guy is back

    Keep an eye on your feeding, looks a little over, other than that you look good.
  7. chemistry

    Big bud auto

  8. chemistry

    Here is my grow so far

    Nice pots. 👍
  9. chemistry

    Will my plants burn? Please help

    I'd flip, you have enough tops for your given height and space.
  10. chemistry


    Welcome to the Farm, nice grow. 👍
  11. chemistry

    Lets see everyones autoflowers 🔥🔥

    Gorilla Glue Auto, outdoor, day 99 from seed.
  12. chemistry

    Chemistry's persoanl grow.

    Morning tokers and growers, hope your all well on this sunny Saturday morning. 😎 All the plants are doing well, hoping to flip to flower next week, there are some preliminary female traits starting to show on a couple of the plants, so nearly blue touch paper time. 🙂 I've removed a couple of...
  13. chemistry


    Some nice trunks on those. 👍
  14. chemistry

    Are Terps Water Soluble?

    I've often wondered if I've over flushed some strains I've grown, like some one else said, stunk like a skunk until flushed.
  15. chemistry

    First Grow Diary (Northern Ireland)

    Looks ok, but rockwool is second best to popping seeds in Riot Cubes, or other brands of the same thing. 👍
  16. chemistry


    Is it a pencil tree? lol
  17. chemistry

    I get my new dog(Belgian Malinois Shepherd)!!!

    How about Ripper. lol
  18. chemistry

    Are these Nanners?

    Were they a banana strain? I'd just pick the nanners off before you dry, and carry on as normal.
  19. chemistry

    Ansel Adams Hydro Adventures Journal

    Bud Rot, open it up and there will be grey dusty webs inside. Most likely there is a mould sporn behind every dead leaf you see outside the bud.
  20. chemistry

    Do I have root bound?

    They look a little over fed to me, your roots are as white as the come, so their fine.