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    the winner is.....FUGU KUSH !!

    Hi guys I don't write much on the forums but always follow him and would like to share with you my wonderful experience with FUGU KUSH ! my friend ELEMENTAL over to give me good advice on how to cultivate spoke to me about this incredible strain ... prebubba98 and blowfish!!!! he liked so...
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    hi farmers ...hi logic :D in january 2009..i won aution and finally now i can show you some buds after 2 mouth cured sorry for my bad english ....:sweating 50 day's 5 ladys on 5 beans...all 5 was hermi....but just few ball.. take care
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    ciao:party spero presto di potermi aggiudicare qualche asta interessante...ehheheh saluto tutti gli utenti del forum posto qualche foto ...