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    Williams WonderxBlackberry bx2 Purple Male

    I never ran them and regret it from what I hear others found.
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    Orgnkid Banana On Fire

    Looks great
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    Orgnkid Banana On Fire

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    What do YOU use to amend coco??

    Canna coco 30% chunky perilite And mix well
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    Coco time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Coco still going strong!!!! Glad I get to see these post still of peeps loving coco
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    Loompa's Foo Dog Grow Report

    And like most grow reports you want a finish on they vanish:((((((
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    PNW BudPorn

    Nice gear.
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    Seed Drop Coming To The Farm

    If you guys can find some real Purple GSus seeds from back in the day that one is very nice. I have no idea how many Reeferman genetics I've grown last 12 plus years
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    Coco time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Crazy to see threads still going!!
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    best butane to use?

    I use power 5 but I was lookin into whip it. I blasted some platinum cookies and my sour lemon Larry cut today all bud and with the power 5 it looks awesome but I'm always up for new shit
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    COMPETITION!!! Loompa's Challenge

    Just went through the thread and awesome idea I'll see what seeds Dr Frost got from you at the HT cup and maybe run some
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    Here From Ic

    Lol ICrag it's like a bad magazine that Hitler controls!
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    Zoolander seeds and genetics

    I'll get some pix up ASAP of my latest work and somewhere here there are 100's of pages of my grows.
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    Zoolander seeds and genetics

    Talk to Logic and looks like we might be vending Zoolander gear soon so if anyone has pix or stories about my past gear please post pix of info on how you felt about your Zoo gear. I've never had one bad report so please post away
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    here from ICMAG

    I'm just back because seems like this is only site I can count on for no drama and I hope some of my friends are still here? I'll help out with coco , canna nutes or anything I can just let me know and if Mr Logic wants to vend some Zoo beans I'm working on stuff now. Talk to ya all soon or...
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    Emerald Triangle Seeds Catalog

    Even I'm gonna run the Cherry og and California wildfire and I gave my brother in law some cherry og seeds and so far so good . I'm not saying they have bad gear just bad business skills . I'll get the cherry and wildfire going soon and post pix . All will be ran in Canna coco and Canna nutes so...
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    Emerald Triangle Seeds Catalog

    Guys california wildfire is closet thing they have to true chem sis x nl x sour lemon Larry .if you can find my real deal seeds of it that's the way to go . I say buy their gear and feed the machine , I never have and never will mass produce seeds I like to think of my gear as something special...
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    Emerald Triangle Seeds Catalog

    I won't be joining ET guys to much BSing is going on and I don't want any part of it I'm staying on my own so buyers beware is all I'm gonna say and enjoy
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    Emerald Jack

    Very nice and healthy
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    bubba 76 help?

    I will be growing some of your gear out and doing grow logs on this site and a few others so no worries on that end.