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    good shit when the masters come out of the wood work Honey works fine. You are supposed to use "raw" unprocessed honey though. Not even using cloning gel works fine also just takes a little longer.,
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    Drip irrigation for second grow

    Are you using nutes or plain water? 1/16 holes like that on rings clog quite a bit so be on the lookout for that. Why it's always a good idea to run filters on anything below 1/4 outlets.
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    Want to swap Armor Si for Power Si Bloom

    Also like to mention on this it has to do with saturation when mixing concentrates. You can only dilute so much Pot Silica into water to make a concentrate w/o it precipitating out of the solution or for long term storage. Why dry is usually better then liquids.
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    Want to swap Armor Si for Power Si Bloom

    Marketing is one. Buying more of the product is another. Why pay a buck a gallon when you can pay 500 bucks plus? Sweet deal on their end. As the amount available goes up you use less product. Get more bang for your buck. Has to do with source. Pot silica vs Silicic acid. In the end...
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    Want to swap Armor Si for Power Si Bloom

    Don't waste your money
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    This Be How Dirbag Do...

    With a stamp
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    Help - buds not fattening up

    what does the whole plant look like
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    Spider Farmer LED Grow

    Just know If I see anyone posting up "want help" threads on their plants, while spending this much time arguing about a light, I'm gonna rain on your parade with all the funnies.
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    Spider Farmer LED Grow

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    Cloning Help, Roots started but droopy/def?

    I've been there man. Dimmer switch went out in my living room in an old spot. That turned into me rewiring 4 switches, 2 plugs, and taking about 3 trips to home depot. 20 min job... ended up being 4 hrs. Looks like the drywall guys decided to be electricians for the day.
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    Cloning Help, Roots started but droopy/def?

    Usually the outside hoses will tap before the softener. Is that the case? Edit: Looks like you solved it
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    Cloning Help, Roots started but droopy/def?

    Cutting leaves is mostly for packing domes full with bigger cuts. Has nothing to really do with rooting. More of controlling loss from wilt or disease and to keep airflow up and enviro even. After about 21-28 cuts in a 10x20 I would be chopping them...but in reality I would just use another...
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    Setting up new ebb and flow grow space.

    Killing it. Good job.
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    Nutrients For Mothers?

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    What is your LEAST favorite strain to trim?

    Anything leafy. I don't care how good the plant is. After a while that will force it into the dumpster.
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    smell proof greenhouse

    The problem with carbon filters effectiveness and greenhouses is humidity spikes. Your location and the enviro is going to have a lot to do with it even being a viable option. There isn't a 1 size fits all answer to this. If you have the right temp ranges you can make it work. If you have...
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    Minimal supplies for mixing nutrients

    @weedtech Open 1/4 in line. Rainbird 6 port free flow manifolds.
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    smell proof greenhouse

    If you are worried about smell and neighbors why the must to run it outside? Specially when only talking about 2-4 plants. You basically listed all the reasons to not grow in a greenhouse at your spot.
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    Diesels 2020 summer grow

    Looking killer dude! Puttin in that work.
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    Doobie's Still Kickin 2020 Summer Grow

    @DoobieDuck You always had the top notch shots mang!