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  1. BigCube

    First grow and first time doing hydro

    Looks good! Keep up the good work mang 👍
  2. BigCube

    Kingbrite review

    The way I see it is, I want as close to 2700k as I can get. I'm sad kingbrite doesnt make them, but she says they will if you buy 100. Lol I use 3000k no red or uv. I don't want them taking valuable wattage away from my lm301's. I just supplement with other red fixtures when I need them in the...
  3. BigCube

    Seedlings:fluorescent or hid bulb

    I dont really give my seedlings special light. I just put them in the veg tent. I use 105w of led bulbs in a 2x2 to veg. The last 2 weeks of veg happen in the big tents before I flip them to flower. Right they are a little over lit, but not enough to hurt them. Maybe 20% more light than...
  4. BigCube

    Seedlings:fluorescent or hid bulb

    I veg under 5000k led bulbs from the dollar store 🤣
  5. BigCube

    Two weeks into flower and i am really am running out of space

    That sounds adequate, with your rh down and good airflow you can get away with a lot more. 👍 Usually around week 3 of flower, I manicure the plants. Removing a lot of the small low branches that wont yield anything but popcorn, and any leaves laying on top of buds. Good luck man!
  6. BigCube

    Need advice! potted up from a 8 gal plastic container to a 20 gal fabric pot

    As for shock. I never have that problem so I couldn't advise you there. I'm usually pretty rough with my plants and never have problems. But I dont run autos or weak strains, so maybe that's why... 🤣
  7. BigCube

    Need advice! potted up from a 8 gal plastic container to a 20 gal fabric pot

    Nope, you should be good. You'll get a nice big growth spurt going in to flower, should turn out great 👍
  8. BigCube

    First Grow Full Send

    Depending on the strain and growing conditions, it's entirely possible they will start to droop. My gelato sags like a champ lol. Consider putting up a net to hold the tops as they come in. Just to be sure. As for covering them at night, make sure they can breath. A loose mesh not touching...
  9. BigCube

    Two weeks into flower and i am really am running out of space

    About all you can do now is ride it out, or remove a plant or 2. I would keep your ventilation flowing as much as you can and keep the humidity down as low as possible. That looks like mold waiting to happen. If it was me, I would remove a plant or two and train out the remaining plants.
  10. BigCube

    Seedlings:fluorescent or hid bulb

    Doesnt matter as long as the light isnt too strong for them. Far away from a mh or close to a florecent, it's the same to the plant. If you have an android, get a lux meter app. Measure the light to be sure. 👍
  11. BigCube


    There are many factors to consider, but in short. YES. If the distance isnt far, and the wind is right, and your strain is particularly pungent, it is definitely possible. I wouldn't give up on it though. It's hard to track a single plant down by smell. Most people would assume its coming from...
  12. BigCube

    Smell (or lack of) good or bad?

    No, lack of smell isnt a good thing. While it's TRUE that some of the terpenes will volatize off at higher temperatures, your plant would be showing signs of heat stress if that was the case. Smelling the plant is normal. As it is with any other plant. You dont smell flowers in a field because...
  13. BigCube

    Some help plz

    If it's not an auto, it will start to flower when the days get shorter. May take a couple weeks to show. Make sure there is no light on it at night. If it's an auto, it will flower when it wants. If you want it to flower indoor, you would change your light schedule to give it at least 12...
  14. BigCube

    BigCube's grow show and tell.

    Yes, full nutrients. I push my plants a little hard personally. I tend to push the ppm up as high as I can in flower. So I check the ppm of my runoff every now and then, if it's too high I feed it just water or a weak nutrient mix to get the ppm back down. Normally I start my plants at least a...
  15. BigCube

    What’s up with these buds

    Yeah, I'm not sure what these are, I used to think it was just a weird reveg thing. But my dad has one like that. It doesnt even smell like weed, it smells like dandelions. I'm thinking it's some weird genetic malformation. Would like to know myself if anyone can enlighten us 👍
  16. BigCube

    Can anyone ID this pest?

    Little hard to see. But looks like a fungus gnat. Often caused by excess watering or not letting the soil dry out enough between waterings. That's my guess, without seeing a better closer picture.
  17. BigCube

    BigCube's grow show and tell.

    Still going strong. Wish I used more than a 1.5g pot for the Jah, it dry out fast. Lol I'm guessing 2 or 3 more weeks. We shall see. The RBR has sagging branches already. I didn't trim as much off the bottom as I usually do, so there are a couple branches that dont reach the net but are...
  18. BigCube

    First time paying attention to roots

    The green buildup is algae, it needs light to live, so cover the clear plastic with a bag or something and take the bag off to see the roots. Algae can harm the roots and mess with nutrient levels, best cover them up when not viewing them.
  19. BigCube

    Grow space height

    You dont really need a lot of height if done right. I would stick with what's more comfortable and convenient.
  20. BigCube

    starting seedling 63 watt led?

    63 actual watts? Or advertised? You can easily use it, maybe have to move it away a bit. If you have an android, I suggest downloading a lux meter app. They do very well on androids, not on apple cause well apple sucks. Obviously. You want 3000 to 5000 lumens for seedlings. Just move your...