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  1. Jimster

    Dark Purple Disease Affecting New Growth?

    I mentioned this purple issue a while back after talking to some folks elsewhere. There were issues in Oregon and Hawaii but plants usually grew out of them. The consensus was that is was an infection primarily spread by leaf hoppers. Looking at some overseas sites, there have been mentions of...
  2. Jimster

    Any Cheap Tests for P or K levels?

    Thaank you for the link. I found them for less than $14 on 'Bay, so I think this is going to be of great help to help tweak things the way they need. A TDS is nice but doesn't give you info, like the CHECK ENGINE light in your car. This should also help greatly when something doesn't look right...
  3. Jimster

    Please help me with info on Pro-Mix HP!! I’m new to using this medium.

    My recommendations are to mix about 20-25% compost/manure mixed in with a tablespoon of Osmokote and a few tablespoons of wood ashes. This mix will get you thru the first 6 weeks in general. I have been watering daily or every other day depending on the needs, and I feed about every 2 weeks. I...
  4. Jimster

    Any Cheap Tests for P or K levels?

    Are there any cheap tests that will give you an idea of the Potassium or phosphorus levels in a growing medium? A TDS/EC meter measures the sum of a bunch of stuff, but a test for P or K exclusivly would be a great help to growing, since I think a lot of growing problems are caused by competing...
  5. Jimster

    You Probably Hear This Alot But......Magnesium Deficiency?

    I noticed some light leaf clawing in some areas, which usually indicates too many nutes, in my opinion. Ph has a huge effect, but a 6, you should be OK although I prefer closer to 7 myself. I have also learned that potassium and phosphorus tend to remain in the growing medium much more than...
  6. Jimster

    Is this a male or female?

    Too early to tell. You need to look for the 2 white hairs in the "V" shape for females, or small round balls, which are males. So far, I don't see any signs of either. When did you start flowering? You usually get some signs in a week to 10 days after flipping... more or less. Preflowers are...
  7. Jimster

    Can this be saved?

    You should be fine. If the leaves on the branch were drying up, then it might be hopeless, but since it looks good it will probably heal in a few weeks, as was mentioned earlier. If it had broken off totally, I would have pushed the broken branch into about 6 inches deep in soil/growing medium...
  8. Jimster

    Is this male preflowers?

    Fertilizing a feminized plant will provide a normal male and female mix... unless the pollen comes from a feminized plant, then you will get all females. The pollen determines the sex of the plant, and without the male genetics, a male plant can't be produced. That isn't to say that a...
  9. Jimster

    Is this male preflowers?

    Male flowers usually develop in clusters, although Pistils don't usually swell much prior to growing. I'm kinda stumped, as it looks like a little of both at this point. I would think you would have a few Pistils showing, somewhere. Keep us posted!
  10. Jimster

    Are Terps Water Soluble?

    I think this might be what I am seeing. The potency, as tested by a very unscientific and subjective manner, seemed as good as ever, it just didn't have the taste or smell. Since a lot of compounds that aren't water soluble actually will dissolve to some small degree, so I'm not sure. The...
  11. Jimster

    Are Terps Water Soluble?

    From my continued research, some Terpens are water soluble to some extent... some more than others. With over 100 different terps in cannabis, I guess some might be slightly soluble in water. Eugenol, used to anesthetize fish, dissolves in water (hence it's use in aquariums), but I don't think...
  12. Jimster

    What Influences Flavor More... HPS or MH?

    You never sample the product before deciding if it was ready? Quick drying it for the purposes of impatience doesn't usually have a great taste, but will give you an idea of things to come. Or not to come.
  13. Jimster

    Are Terps Water Soluble?

    It might just be the strain, as other plants have kept more of their characteristic smells. The GDP just doesn't sseem to be too flavorful despite it's great look and effects. Next time I nuke the grow room to eliminate any chance of mites and then start from seed. This is the 2nd time I got...
  14. Jimster

    Pissing Or Saving Your Piss For Your Garden, Lets Discuss.

    The biggest problem with using piss is the slow buildup of salinity. I ran a few experiments this summer with my dialysate liquid, which is pretty much identical to pee, especially after being cycled and containing the waste products. The nutrients are good but the salt content will cause issues...
  15. Jimster

    Are Terps Water Soluble?

    While trying to mitigate a mite issue on harvested plants, I rinsed off the fresh buds with water. I am noticing that I don't notice nearly as much flavor and aroma from them, although while flowerng they were overpowering. Can terps be washed away? I thought they were not soluble in water, but...
  16. Jimster

    What Influences Flavor More... HPS or MH?

    I had an issue with mites (again!) and rinsed off the buds after cutting but before drying. No soap or other stuff was used, just water from a hose. I'm wondering if the rinsing could have affected the flavor and taste? The potency is fine, it just doesn't have the taste and aroma that I am used...
  17. Jimster

    What Influences Flavor More... HPS or MH?

    I'm scratching my head on the last grow. During flowering, the smell ws overpowering and everything looked great. After harvest, I'm noticing that I don't seem to have the strong taste or smell that I had while flowering. I used as 1000w HPS for half the room, 1000w 10K MH on the other half. I...
  18. Jimster

    2nd Topping

    You are going to need more light if you want to top it much more. When you top, you pretty much divide the potential cola into 2 smaller colas. It isn't 50-50, more like 70% bigger for each one... so there are benefits to topping. To take advantage of it, you need a lot of light to cover the...
  19. Jimster

    Preferred brand of HPS lighting?

    HPS lights are fairly standard and don't vary as much as MH bulbs. It could depend on your ballast as well, since not alll ballasts will work with a HPS or a MH bulb. Some will, but most older ones are bulb specific unless you buy a conversion bulb, which works great and eliminates the need for...
  20. Jimster

    Pure noob questions

    Yeah, you have a couple males in there. Look for the 2 white hair like things in the shape of a "V" This is the female pistil and if you see that, it is a female. That isn't to say you can't have a female that grows male flowers, but that is a different story. The white hairs are often in the...