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  1. DrMcSkunkins

    The Cup Grow Off Official Banter Thread

    Gonna pop a few of the gdp seeds from mjnl that all hermed on me in solos
  2. DrMcSkunkins

    Is This Catapillar Bad?

    Can a caterpillar not be bad news? If they munch your buds in flower they can cause bud rot and other problems.
  3. DrMcSkunkins

    New Here Have A Ton Of Questions

  4. DrMcSkunkins

    Hi From Noco

    I got a new number too, I'm still procrastinating on the pizza fixins, I barely get the plants fed and the dogs watered before lights out...
  5. DrMcSkunkins

    Two 4 Day Old Seedlings Are Wilting On The Stem Close To Top

    Looks normal to me, if you had a time lapse I'm sure it would be twisting and spinning around.
  6. DrMcSkunkins

    Rooting Taking Long... Help

    Don't spray clones directly, mist the dome only, shake or tap out the excess water from the rockwool, you want them moist with air pockets, saturated cubes take longer to root.
  7. DrMcSkunkins

    Where The Snow Melts

  8. DrMcSkunkins

    Hi My Name Is Justin Im New To The Growing Scene And I Need Help

    How about "hippy armpits" if it has a Bo odor, or you could go with "citrus litterbox" if it's a more fruity strain. Those are the two best names I could think of at the moment.
  9. DrMcSkunkins

    !!! The Solo Cup Grow Off !!!

    I keep forgetting to water mine, not in my normal routine.
  10. DrMcSkunkins

    Outdoor Coco Leaf Diag Needed

    I agree, just cutting the bottom off of the pot and burying it a few inches will give the roots a chance to run for cooler water.
  11. DrMcSkunkins

    Best Way To Heat 4x4 Grow Tent At Night In Unheated Room

    I would say the BEST way would be to get more/bigger lights...
  12. DrMcSkunkins

    The Feds Are Looking Into Colorado’s Weed Black Market

    The feds created the black market, if drugs were legal there would be no dominating black market.
  13. DrMcSkunkins

    Crows Feet?

    Cool story...
  14. DrMcSkunkins

    Outdoor Coco Leaf Diag Needed

    Looks like heat has stressed the roots in that little pot and maybe damage from under watering. I would suggest putting in something to shield the roots from heat that holds extra water, like a trash can.
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    Hi From Noco

    I love the Longmont Loveland area, so beautiful.
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    I tried that pukeus recipe and burnt the crap out of three of my plants. I have been doing this with much better results. 5ml calmag first then add 4ml micro 7.5ml grow 2.5ml bloom Then for flower I swap the amounts of grow and bloom If a plant ever acts super happy you can add a little more...
  17. DrMcSkunkins

    Higher Temps At Night ?

    Doesn't lower temp usually mean lower humidity? Warmer air holds the humidity better right?