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    Proper Night Co2 Levels & Exhaust/intake With Co2 In Sealed Rooms?

    I have done a lot of research on the farm and read a lot of other information about proper co2 levels during the day and at night. From all info I derived that day levels should be 1000-1200 and night time levels should drop to 700-800 to allow the plants to respirate properly and encourage...
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    Looking for Exotic Genetix Feeding Reccommendations

    I've taken advantage of almost all of Ex's catalogue but haven't been able to start anything new but that is finally about to change and I think we are about to go exclusively with Exotic Gen. I looked around to see if I could find feeding recommendation for Exotic Genetix to no avail! Wanted...
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    My First Lemon Alien Dawg (L.A.D.) Run....Pics & Test Results

    :D First and foremost, I want to thank Alien for developing some of the best genetics I have come across...period. He is the real deal, no gimmicks. These were grown in 100% Coco using the Canna Coco line using the Canna recommended feeding schedule. The smell and look of all phenotypes (3...
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    Excel A/C...Has Anyone Ran One?

    Hey guys, I am looking into air conditioners for a current project. I have great success with Ideal Air but feel my cooling requirements may go beyond the 36k Ideal Air Mini Split and really would only like to run a single unit. Definitely want something pre-charged. One of the other issues is...
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    Correct method for topping L.A.D. for 1k/lady? Anyone grow monsters with L.A.D.?

    Hello All! I am a relatively new gardener and have been here for a few months and this is by far my favorite community...looking to start making some real contributions to this forum! We just popped a pack of L.A.D. and are about 20 days in 2k (quantam's are dialed down a bit) + a few...