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  1. johnnyblazed

    Weed Vodka

    hello peeps I have just started making some weed vodka I got about 15 gram of trim and put it into some 60 per cent vodka I am going to keep shaking it every day for a month , hopefully it will help with my insomnia ! also picked up a slab of this bubbly maroc and its very tasty thanks for looking
  2. johnnyblazed

    Caps Bennies Ph Or Not

    hello all ive just picked up a pack of the 3 pack and was just going to use it without brewing a ACT up so was just going to mix it in with water does the biowar need phing before feeding them as my roots are normally going mental and they seem a load slower now thank you
  3. johnnyblazed

    Hello Peeps

    hello peeps im a grower from the uk been growing a few years and on the bean hunt for a high cbd strain look forward to meeting you all !